[B-Labs] Suggestion For Military Units

Day 2,984, 03:59 Published in Romania Romania by elbandido

I'd like to see a "small" change for Military Units.

1. Ability to upgrade from Q1 to Q7:
- only Commander can upgrade, and the Gold will be deducted from his account;
- create MU: 40 gold;
- upgrade from q1 to q2: 100 gold;
- upgrade from q2 to q3: 200 gold;
- upgrade from q3 to q4: 400 gold;
- upgrade from q4 to q5: 800 gold;
- upgrade from q5 to q6: 1600 gold;
- upgrade from q6 to q7: 3500 gold;
- upgrade from q7 to q7+: MU Extra Pack for 19 euros;

MU Extra Pack costs 19 euros, is valid for 30 days and will change the quality of MU to q7+

As a "multi/clone MU" protection rule, you can't upgrade from q1 to q4 or from q2 to q7, only step by step, and every step has a cooldown of 30 days.

Why so high prices to upgrade? Shouldn't be to easy to have a q7 MU, and imho I don't want to see 2000 q7 MU's, I hope soldiers will unite with others to have a bigger MU and small MU's will dissapear in time.

2. Storage:
- storage for final products only (no raw materials);
- only MU's of quality 2 from 7 will have a storage;
- q2 storage: 5.000 items capacity;
- q3 storage: 10.000 items capacity;
- q4 storage: 15.000 items capacity;
- q5 storage: 30.000 items capacity;
- q6 storage: 50.000 items capacity;
- q7 storage: 100.000 items capacity;
- q7+ storage: 200.000 items capacity;

Only Commanders can donate to MU's storage, they will be penalised for products from multies, same way like CC for CO's. Technically, this should be done in the same way like support for Dictatorship (only commanders can support).

Soldiers can view the storage but can't donate, they must donate first to Commander then the Commander will donate to storage.

3. Special Daily Order:
Commanders can set a special Daily Order consisting in:
- from q2 to q4, Commanders can set one type of products from MU storage as a reward for DO
- from q5 to q7+, Commanders can set two types of products from MU storage as a reward for DO
- from q2 to q7+, Commanders can set the Division too for this special DO

If a special Daily Order is set no energy bar or bazooka will be given.

If a special Daily Order is set and the product or one of the products are consumed from storage, then the special Daily Order is auto removed and the new Daily Order will be auto set from the Battle Priorities.

a.Commander with q2 MU can set a special DO with reward 10 q7 food for Division 1
b.Commander with q5 MU can set a speicla DO with reward 10 q7 weapons and 100 q7 food for Division 4

4. Damage Booster:
- Soldiers from a Military Unit will have a damage boost consisting in:
q1 + no damage booster
q2 + 2 % damage booster
q3 + 4 % damage booster
q4 + 6 % damage booster
q5 + 10 % damage booster
q6 + 15 % damage booster
q7 + 25 % damage booster
q7 MU Extra Pack + 50 % damage booster

The damage boost will be added accordingly to the ones existing right now in the game: +50 booster or +100 booster; +10% NE; +X% from Legends Rank; +10% elite soldiers, etc

Example: if Soimii Patriei is a MU of quality 3, soldiers from SP will have a +4% damage boost in battles, if someone left Soimii Patriei will no longer have +4% damage boost

5. MU profile from outside:
- anybody outside or inside the MU should see the quality of MU, damage booster provided to soldiers, Daily Order, storage and amount of cc for CO's;

6. Some rules that you should be aware:
- if by any reason the MU will have no soldier because the only one left it, the MU will be auto dissolved (no matter of quality, storage or amount of CC/Gold from MU)
- only Commanders can set the Special Daily Order, 2nd Commanders and Captains can set the regular DO only
- Military Units can't be downgraded

As you see I did't suggest any change to q1 MU's, everyone can aford now 40 gold. There are more and more ideas that I have in mind to develop a Military Unit, but we know there are not too many resources that eR Lab can alocate for future implementations and these are easy to be implemented.

Any feedback regarding these ideas, bad or good, is allowed. Please shout this article and vote it. Also you can vote in the POLL from the Forum: https://forum.erepublik.com/index.php?/topic/4602-suggestion-for-military-units/

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