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[Ashwamedh] So, Whats Been Happening

Day 1,888, 09:42 Published in India Serbia by Ind1anMartyr

I wont make this long, for readability sake (new generation world wide, hates long winded, sensible articles) 😛 Please note though, my views are MINE... nothing to do with our poor CP who has been working hard and would not really appreciate any controversy!

* We have a temporary peace with Croatia...from what I understand, hostilities will commence once the ceasefire is over. (Did any of us even notice we got wiped? did it affect us?)

* My respect for Bulgaria has increased with the brilliant, sensible articles posted by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, nipping rubbish enemy propaganda in the bud.

* eIndians are working together as a cohesive unit. Those who are finding it difficult to co-exist (for a myriad reasons) are leaving or are welcome to leave. Having said that, some guys who truly care about being part of eIndia should get credit where its due.

* Some of you would have noticed that the BB "spike" died down very quickly. THIS IS INTENTIONAL!!!

Let me clarify one important aspect right now...

A baby boom in India is not a big deal and we can easily have a HUGE number of players in. All of us know however that this game isn't the kind of game a regular player is likely to stick around with. That is why it is ESSENTIAL to build on a base of new players and get them INVOLVED so they start ENJOYING the game. Once we have a bunch of new AWESOME dudes, we can move onto the next phase.

Baby booms that mean something do NOT happen overnight unless built on past conflict and hate (as the Poland boom vs Germany or the Croat/Serb boom) We do NOT encourage such negative emotions and would rather have a boom with genuine thinking players.

Give it time of about 1-1.5 months and keep watching. Once we get such brilliant all round players, we WILL be a force to reckon with.

* And finally, I have begun the BLOG ... Follow it, TWEET it and share it on Faceboook, so we get a lot of hits.

Also, enjoy the story as it unfolds!! Apologies I was busy over the weekend but FAMILY beats EVERYTHING else in this world for me.

I shall have regular awesome updates from tomorrow on... stay tuned!!

PS : ANYONE who wishes to help spice up the blog, is welcome!!

PPS : Any trolls who wanna do the usual article trashing are VERY VERY WELCOME. Negative emotions and hate will help genuine players join the game 🙂 so please... make my day 😃



Lonqu Day 1,888, 09:45


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,888, 10:07


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,888, 10:13


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,888, 10:44

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,888, 11:21


Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Day 1,888, 12:40

I dont see how an Indian BB could happen,its like saying eJapan have a chance...I see its the same case,the only expection is that here people still dreaming that possible.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,888, 14:00


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,888, 15:47

o 7

NueveOcho Day 1,888, 17:06


Give CC, WEAPONS or food to eIndia

Consider helping eIndia


shail.back Day 1,888, 17:56

o7 great article Ash....

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,888, 18:17

I wrote an article trolling 98... he started crying and made me delete it.

How does a troll integrate with such intolerance to our work?

I might add that 98 has now lost his status as a troll, as he cannot take it when it's coming at him.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,888, 21:34


ayush121212 Day 1,889, 23:14


Patanjali Day 1,889, 23:23

so straight and well explained

ArawnLives Day 1,889, 23:25

o7 and respect to eIndia's conscience keeper.

Xamalina Day 1,889, 02:29


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,889, 09:23

I have heard much talk about the BB and references to new citizens. Is anyone tracking the citizens who die or go inactive?

I had lots of employees who started a job with me in eIndia. I pm'd them welcoming them to the game, they'd work for 3 to 5 days, and then stop, eventually dying.

Any efforts to reduce the mortality rate of these babies or is this just multi-farming?

soumo1989 Day 1,889, 11:59


games.k67 Day 1,889, 20:53

Nice one.


Captain Niks
Captain Niks Day 1,889, 20:54


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