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[Ashwamedh] Samadhi

Day 1,915, 11:26 Published in India Serbia by Ind1anMartyr

In the words of my great friend Maniu,

I am going on with my leave of absence, and taking up samadhi. RL Indians would know what it means, some who do not, can ask the others.

The game interests me no more and I shall respond to none of the messages I receive unless it is from those I feel are close to my heart. (Yes Maniu, you will forever be close to my heart cos you love knowledge and respect it... more than I do)

I request my name to be taken OFF the mentor list and replaced by someone more worthwhile and willing...I personally have decided this game belongs to the Balkans and I am an idiot for fattening up admins who like to take advantage of nationalistic fervours.

I mean... why the hell should I spend my RL time and effort to get more people in, when the admins do not care to make a FREE game with a GOOD FRIGGIN ECONOMY.

I am also sending admins a request to delete my account and until they do (or until they improve the economy) I will respond to msgs I feel like responding to... else, I would also tell my fellow playwrs to wake u7p and smell the coffee.

To my great nation of India ... NO ONE can ever subjugate you or disrespect you. We all LOVE YOU and do not need a Romanian admin team to let us know that.

I will die a thousand deaths for you...but no more in this game.


PS :

I just realised a few things... I realised the need to say goodbye to some people who truly cared.

Yes I will miss you all ... so many people I cannot name... but YOU all know that I love you and that im too emotional.

I just feel that I spend too long on on online game when my daughter needs my time.

I cannot spend my time sucked in by hate or prejudice and to try and justify myself (yes I do it cos im old school, cos I care) I just realised I should not.

My wife and daughter love me unconditionally, and I am truly lucky.

I love my nation unconditionally too ... but I do not need a Romanian company to remind me of that.

I also know that my brothers in Pakistan are humans like me... should I hate them for what a few idiotic politicians do? (just like what our great Indian politicos do?) nope

I cherish all of you.

those on my skype and mail id, i will cherish forever, the rest, I thank you and say goodbye

Jai Hind MU... sorry bros, i will send final weps tonight.



Ind1anMartyr Day 1,915, 11:27

PS : I have a little bit of gold remaining, anyone who wants it is more than welcome

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,916, 00:05

send to me

Ramanan Viswa
Ramanan Viswa Day 1,916, 01:10

ash bye well eindia miss uu

Ferdrik Day 1,916, 09:25

Your article really connects to the even the meanest of the hearts if read well..Yes, the time we spend online seems more precious and it is not to be forgotten 'the internet' is part of the same RL we live made it clear

Jai Hind

P.S. u can forward me some if its okay with you..I may not have known you longer (wish I had) but I will miss the person nevertheless

Patanjali Day 1,915, 12:09

I lost two good friends today and, looking in my friends list ... I see more and more ... praktileya.

This is wierd, mate, cos you consider me such a good friend (and Iäm honoured) and, in the same time, you realize why I came to eIndia, being a romanian myself.
To escape the balkanic way of playing this game, the nationalistic stupidity and so on.

Well, I could not tell how much I enjoy to know you, and the rest of nice ppl in eIndia (afterall, I have a long story here to tell).

Best regards and, as personal note, dont stop when you achieved sabija samadhi. Go for nirbija.


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,915, 12:15

thank you my friend... I feel my avatar is too heavy for me. It does not allow me to relax. The game is a job, a chore....a battle against people. I wish this to be a game to enjoy. It is not so for me since a long time.

I wish to go away and get this persona off ... I wish to play as and when I feel like and I know it will not happen ....

It is the end, and I have made my decision. Perhaps I will come back as a mini little insiginificant me ... and truly enjoy the game : )

Patanjali Day 1,915, 12:18

I know this feeling.
You are Ashwamedh, the Maharaja of eIndia, and ppl have expectations from you so, sometimes you could not be yourself, just playing, because they will expect from you to be ... Ashwamedh.

BeJIuKaH Day 1,915, 12:20

Sad to see you leaving, Ash 😕

Farewell mate o7

ShockWavve Day 1,915, 12:33

Bye Ashwamedh , good luck with real life ........ Stay in contact via fb and skype

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,915, 12:37

Sad to see you leaving, Ash

Farewell o7

Lonqu Day 1,915, 12:56

Sad to see you go. Best of luck in RL. o7

Waruda Day 1,915, 14:37


NueveOcho Day 1,915, 14:58

We will miss you Ashwamedh :'(

Good Luck in real live o7

Wildrunner Day 1,915, 15:05

Farewell, mate and you're 100% right, the game sux now more than ever. o/

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,915, 15:12

got it,, come back later Ash 😃

av khan
av khan Day 1,915, 15:17

You could just stay on, just writing an article now and then. Having fun and all. But it doesn't matter to me that much since I have your FB. So I can keep in touch.

Farewell from here o/ But it would have been great if you had stayed.

ayush121212 Day 1,915, 17:36

sad to see that u r leaving. :'(
all the very best in RL.

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,915, 18:35

Enjoy your RL brother, your own family and their love is important more than anything in the world.

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,915, 19:46

Gonna miss you Ash 🙁. Good luck for your RL.

Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Day 1,915, 20:20

Farewell, as a newbie, im really gonna miss you man. Have a great time in RL .

shail.back Day 1,915, 22:09

farewell ash...not gonna miss you 😛 will be chasing you on skype n cell 😃 ..
Though i agree, had the game ben more sensible and fun to play rather then to worry about gold and gold only....

I feel proud to have player the game for so long with you...o7 ...

Gaurav12 Day 1,916, 09:15

Comment deleted

navincharles Day 1,915, 22:14

I dont have a heart to ask you to stay back.. It would be an useless attempt on the cause because this situation will never change... But what you said "I cannot spend my time sucked in by hate or prejudice" exactly is what I feel too..

I wish you all the very best.. And will meet you in July.. Will let you know the dates etc.. Take care bro!!

Sibeesh Day 1,915, 22:20

Farewell Ash!!!!i will miss you..since i am a newbie,i dont know more about you...but still you are in ma heart....thank lot for all your help...wish you all the best...

Sibeesh Day 1,915, 22:21

stay in touch ASH!!!

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,916, 23:28


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,916, 00:06

bye bye...good luck 🙂

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,916, 07:24

Didnt expected... 🙁
but no probs, we still can meet in meet-ups 😛

Stolch Day 1,916, 15:45

There is a saying in Bulgarian when someone says goodbye:

До нови срещи

literally it means: until we meet again.

So my friend, До нови срещи

take care of your family and your little girl, leave us masochists to our own daemons here, but don't delete your account, drop by once in a while on a rainy day to bring a spark back into our lives though some of us may never meat you in RL and then go away agin into the shadows : )

games.k67 Day 1,916, 20:13

Bye Ash,

We miss u a lot.

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 1,917, 05:18

I can't say how sad I am but Ash's family is much more important than this game

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,965, 16:23

You are a good person.

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