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[Asgard MU] The First Two Weeks (Ruined by Fettis)

Day 2,310, 12:30 Published in Finland Finland by Citizen Mu

Now two weeks have passed since the launch of our very own Military Unit - Asgard. A lot has happened and new members have been joining us frequently, excellent!

Since the first article we have agreed to remove the requirement of 1000 strength from the new recruits and on that matter government representatives are doing more work because they are now giving clearance to low strength players as well.

We also had a name competition in the first article, but we didn't like any of the names suggested as much as we like the current name - Asgard. So at least for now, we won't be changing it.


We have had 5 operations in these past two weeks, or actually in the last one week, since the first week was spent mostly on establishing a good basis of supply and gathering supplies. Now supplies have been given out on a more frequent basis. We gave out over 300 weapons, still a pretty small number but we are looking for ways to increase the supplies in the future. I hope to see more people taking part in the operations in the future, though of course that requires more recruiting!

Other activities

We have been handing out packages of Q5 food for members every 2-4 days now, and we will be continuing that practice in the future as well.

There has been a nice amount of discussion in Military Unit's feed during these first weeks. We have been discussing about some Asgard battle plans, starting strategic RW's etc. and not forgetting the usual smalltalk which we all need to survive in this game!

If you didn't yet read the earlier article, you can find it in here.

- Asgard Headquarters & Grand Ruiner Fettis I


Citizen Mu
Citizen Mu Day 2,310, 12:31

Tämänkin lehden laadun pilasi Fettis.

Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 2,310, 18:08

Fettis pilaa kaiken

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