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[Asgard HQ] Greetings from new SC

Day 2,031, 10:49 Published in Sweden Romania by Asgard HQ

Greetings to all readers, both Asgardian and from other alliances! It's time to give some updates so sit tight and let's get this started!

The New Supreme Commander

It was time for Mr_W to step down as our laws and traditions requires, and we thank him dearly for all he has done for Asgard as our Supreme Commando. He will still keep on working for Asgard as member of the HQ and president of eSweden.

As the new Supreme Commander I, JudasGoat, will take the reins now and begin my work to push Asgard into new shores, battlefields and adventures!

About current winds

Last month we have worked to improve our relations with CoT-countries to battle our common foes from alliance TWO. We have signed mpp's with several members of CoT and we have fought fiercely especially for our old friend Russia who has seen invasion of TWO raging on it's lands. We will keep on working with CoT to make our relations better and to fight together against our common foe. Time will tell what new relationships will come out from this cooperation.

In the North battles still rages. Canada struggles under might of Spain, and Sweden is almost completely conquered by Lithuania. Belarus is also airstriking Norway to gain a foothold in region. But even now remember; the test of courage comes when we are in the minority. We will use every means we have to free Asgardian lands, be it through diplomacy or battlefields.

On the other front Netherlands has sent us their official application for membership and our member countries are working on it. HQ is waiting for decisions and will give out information when we have it.

Supreme Commander of Asgard



Strength and Honour

Cendorr Day 2,031, 10:55

Asgard is a joke.

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,031, 11:15

and a better solution is?

Cendorr Day 2,031, 11:38

Comment deleted

Cendorr Day 2,031, 11:40

I just said Asgard is a joke. It was a mistake to create this shit.

bloons Day 2,031, 12:13

Peace & Love.

fredrikz Day 2,032, 02:17

So every time an alliance is loosing they are a joke and a stupid idea? Wow, your mind is blowing mine away. Better to fight with friends and have nothing than fighting with unknowns and have everything.

Kristalli Day 2,031, 12:12

No, you are a joke.

Cendorr Day 2,031, 12:19

Have you ever looked map?

Simon Thunman Nordstrom
Simon Thunman Nordstrom Day 2,032, 14:34

I can understand why you feel like its a joke.
Sure we ddint get wiped as much before in the old alliance, but we never fought OUR wars in that Alliance.
It was always some eastern country fighting another eastern country.
It just got boring after awhile.

Atleast now we got some action and a good freaking reason to fight.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,031, 10:58

= v =

Kaad Day 2,031, 10:58

Hail Asgard
Hail CoT

Good luck Netherlands!

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,031, 10:59


Cmurgh Day 2,031, 11:01


Akashaton Day 2,031, 11:03


ElvenCRO Day 2,031, 11:03


Che Kukaken Day 2,031, 11:04

Comment deleted

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 2,031, 11:04

Asgard o7
JudasGoat o7

Suomii Day 2,031, 11:04

small countries but united!

ZygaLTU Day 2,031, 11:04


Tautas11 Day 2,031, 22:32

Ass -guard.

Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 2,032, 11:34

better to guard the ass than having it completely wide open as you have.

Tautas11 Day 2,032, 11:46

Well, now not eLithuania's, but eSveden's ass is completely wide open, because its ass-guard - eRussia is gone. Our asses are well protected by our own (and allies also help too - thanks for this to them). So now the only possible eSveden ass-guard - is eLithuania's president, who has some thoughts about giving some region back to eSveden. I hope he will not be ass-guard.

Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 2,032, 12:20

you seem like the eSweden anyway and that's positive. be kind and do not throw so many stones in the streets and not cutting down firefighters water hoses. Thanks in advance.

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,031, 11:05


Matrim Cauthon
Matrim Cauthon Day 2,031, 11:06

Asgard o7
CoT o7

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 2,031, 11:06

Hail the new God King!

Foxfire Day 2,031, 11:10

Strength and Honour. o7

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 2,031, 11:12


Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 2,031, 11:12


ElGorro Day 2,031, 11:13

o7 Asgard

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 2,031, 11:14


Kauge Day 2,031, 11:15


mungos032 Day 2,031, 11:15

Who cares for Asgard 😛

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,031, 11:22

Who cares for ACT ? : D

Armageddon07 Day 2,031, 11:15


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,031, 11:16

Congrats! Look to strengthen relations with EDEN/former EDEN countries as well beside CoT. 🙂

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,031, 11:19

Hail Asgard!
Hail CoT!

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,031, 11:21


WP Attak
WP Attak Day 2,031, 11:37

Asgard o7
CoT o7

JeguljaM Day 2,031, 11:42

Hail Asgard!
Hail CoT!

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 2,031, 11:47


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,031, 12:11


virtualzero Day 2,031, 12:24


Sky 33
Sky 33 Day 2,031, 12:36


Chlodomer Chlodosind
Chlodomer Chlodosind Day 2,031, 12:44


Anfall Day 2,031, 13:35


klop123 Day 2,031, 15:18


klotis Day 2,032, 00:27


Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 2,032, 02:12

Congratz Goat of Judas

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