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[Artela] Gratutitous Birthday Article

Day 2,328, 04:50 Published in USA USA by Artela

Yup - I'm FOUR today - 4 years of playing this silly game!

A lot has happened in those 4 years. I've been involved in a lot of foreign affairs and military stuff and helped to run countries and alliances. I've been CP several times. I've earned a full medal rack. And today I'm so close to Titan** I can smell it (and I may tank a little today just to hit that as a birthday treat to myself).

I have also made quite a few good friends here, which is why I'm still around, and to those friends I say "thanks for putting up with me all this time" 😛

So I decree that today should be a celebration - no matter which country/alliance/side/team you play for, above all else remember this is a game*. Take joy from the game, celebrate the wins, support each other through the losses, be a team player. But most of all, remember it is just a game and games should be fun.

All the best

Grand Duchess and Proud eAmerican
Honorary Princess and Goddess of War to the eAlbanians

Artela’s wiki

* Yes, I know, this is eRep, it's often more than just a game 🙂



Artela Day 2,328, 04:51

First reserved for ME, because it's my eBirthday!

DMV3 Day 2,328, 09:41

Areola for Queen of Murica! I miss you.

DMV3 Day 2,328, 09:39

Artela* f***ing auto-correct

Drakantas Day 2,328, 12:02

I thought that 4 stands for 40 XDDD (lol)
Happy eBirthday!

YutuKaron Day 2,328, 04:53

Congratulation, Artela!

wisehan Day 2,328, 04:54

Congratulation, Artela!

IDEIAS Day 2,328, 04:55

Congratz Artela o/

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,328, 04:57

Congratz Artela o/

ilphen Day 2,328, 04:58

Congratulation, Artela!

John Largo
John Largo Day 2,328, 05:04


Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,328, 05:09

Sretan rodjendan o7

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,328, 05:06

Happy birthday o7

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,328, 05:10

Feliz cumpleanos o7

ion-voda Day 2,328, 05:11

Happy eBirthday! : )

Mr.Tosi Day 2,328, 05:14

Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget!

Shinigami.Ryuk Day 2,328, 05:23

Happy eBirthday! Artela

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,328, 05:21

I don't care for many people and I value even fewer but you're one of the people in this game who're very close to me. 😘* Stay strong, and Congrats.

BeIIenus Day 2,328, 06:00

Happy eBirthday Artela 😃

Pfeiffer. Day 2,328, 06:00

All growned up.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,328, 06:03

Ah, so its your ebirthday...I saw you tanking for eIreland and wondered what the occasion was...

Happy birthday o/

KOSOVA Batoa Day 2,328, 06:06

Happy eBirthday our Princess 😃

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 2,328, 06:07

Happy eBirthday

kronos777 Day 2,328, 06:08

Happy eBirthday!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,328, 06:11

Happy eBirthday Artela o/

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,328, 06:11


King from Venezuela
King from Venezuela Day 2,328, 06:12

Congratz Artela o/

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,328, 06:15

Happy eBirthday \o/

Zgjlm Day 2,328, 06:24

Happy eBirthday Artela o/

radovlje Day 2,328, 06:29

Happy eBirthday Artela o/

Waruda Day 2,328, 07:31

Happy eBirthday

Iamnameless Day 2,328, 08:08

Happy Day Artela! \o/

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,328, 08:58

Happy 4th! Cheers!

The Dungeon Master
The Dungeon Master Day 2,328, 09:08

Happy fourth birthday Artela

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,328, 09:16

eRep is in celebration! Congratz Artela!!! \o/

Toto Schillaci
Toto Schillaci Day 2,328, 10:47

Happy birthday : )

Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Day 2,328, 11:52

Voted Happy eBirthday

DevaJr Day 2,328, 11:52

hello 😃

Yellow PeePee
Yellow PeePee Day 2,328, 11:53

Congratz o/

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 2,328, 11:54

Happy 4th e-birthday, Artela ! 🙂

vasspana Day 2,328, 11:56

Happy Birthday \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

XXsanchopanzaXX Day 2,328, 11:58

Hi... Happy eBirthday 😃

lioshi Day 2,328, 11:59

have a good one : )

Savinto Day 2,328, 12:00

Drink to Artela! Congratulations!

KWRD Day 2,328, 12:12

Happy birthday o/

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Day 2,328, 12:13


Lord Casca
Lord Casca Day 2,328, 12:21

I remember when you wasted a lot of bars against Spain some years ago, but Happy eBirthday 😃

Artela Day 2,328, 12:29

I think I made up for it since then 😃

LordRahl2 Day 2,328, 12:28


Waruda Day 2,328, 15:16

pork shoulder

TMG KRYTPIC X Day 2,328, 12:37

Happy eBirthday Artela o/

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