[Arrlo] Manifesto for CP

Day 3,177, 12:01 Published in United Kingdom Croatia by Arrlo

Hello. For players who aren’t familiar with me, I don’t have much patience for long winded articles with very little substance, so I will keep this fairly brief.

My presidency would focus on foreign affairs. I’m fortunate to have built a good network of contacts around the e-world, so I believe I’d be one of the players best suited to leading the country at this time of international uncertainty. Things are pretty confused without two clearly defined “teams” of countries going at each other, and this means a small, unaligned country like eUK must try to find a balanced approach. I think in the current climate it’s important to improve our poor relations with neighbours, which means talking with Orion alliance in particular. While we have no clear alliance structure behind us, I feel that securing our borders as much as possible is the best place to start.

The most immediate problem we face is the US invasion. They asked us for TW, we discussed it but they claim we didn't respond to their satisfaction, so they decided to attack us anyway. It's pretty arrogant behaviour in my opinion, and we find ourselves in a "real" war. There isn’t much that can be done at the moment. I have watched some of the battles and observed where they are vulnerable, but the truth is that they can spend a lot of money when they need to to patch over their weaknesses. Furthermore our MPP list is full of countries which currently have their own struggles, so allied support is limited. I will discuss specific war plans with cabinet and congress, but for now I would suggest not seriously contesting the direct battles. We saw some success recently in the MPP battle for SWoE, but it is worth remembering that the US did not respond with CO of their own, which would have made the fight a lot tougher. Enjoy the win, but don’t get carried away by it.

The eUK is not a superpower, but a small number of people fighting at the same time can make a difference in the outcome of a battle. I would like to see more coordination among our MUs, which currently seem to fight fairly haphazardly and without any unity of purpose. We are practically invisible on the battlefields of our allies, which makes it easy for them to forget us. A well timed strike to help an ally does wonders for the standing of a country, and I would hope to arrange some of these. To this end, over the coming days I will begin talks with our MU commanders and our strongest hitters, and will attempt to find common ground for as many of us as possible to strike together in battles. Depending on the advice of the commanders this strategy could involve supplies and CO exclusively for people with UK citizenship who fight where and when required. The best organised countries communicate together via mobile phones, so I will explore options here and if there is any willing to instigate something similar for eUK.

My cabinet is not finalised yet but it is taking shape, and I’ve received plenty of strong applications to participate. If you think you can contribute at any level, particularly in the MoHA or MoD, then please feel free to approach me about it.

Finally, it is important that people have realistic expectations of what any government can achieve in eUK. There will be no quick fix that drives out invaders or grants us economic colonies abroad. It might be that for the time being our allies are too busy defending their own homelands to be able to help us with our fights, in which case we must take care of our own battlefields as best we can, or indeed support them in their efforts until they are in a better position to help.

I hope you see some potential here and will consider voting for me on the 5th.