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[ARP] Senate Success|Prime Minister Elections

Day 2,107, 00:24 Published in Australia Australia by Aussiee Bloke

Greetings fellow eCitizens of the greatest eCountry in eRepublik (eAustralia of course)! It was a great senate election this month with some surprising numbers. We expected a close battle for second spot but what we got was crazy! So close in the end. I wont bother giving you the complete analysis of the election as that was done perfectly by Marcos Arolia in his article, but I will introduce you all to our new senate team for this month!

The Australian Revolutionary Party Senate Team!






6.Aussie Bloke

7.Claire Louise

8.Dr Hugh Jardon


10.Sheraz Ahmad


12.Martin von Anhalt


Congratulations to everyone that was elected, lets have a good month and hopefully have no one resign!

Prime Minister Elections!

The prime minister elections are approaching quicker than you might think. So now is the time to approach our party president Tim_Holtz if you would like to candidate yourself. This month will be done a little differently then past months. We wont be using the eAustralian forums to cast our party pre-selection, we will be using a google doc. This is mainly because our party president does not trust or use the eAustralian forums anymore, I will not go into detail why. So ARP members you will be messaged about that in the coming days there will also be articles about it as well.

Our aim, in the ARP, is to give new players a real change, not to be simply a number to boost the party but to have a voice, an opinion a say in the destiny of the nation. Something lacking from other parties.

The Australian Revolutionary Party has a lot to offer new players though we know the truth is in fact the opposite. It is the new players that have much to offer us and while each party in eAustralia will claim to offer the same, the new player needs to look with open eyes, select an active political party, one that will welcome the views and opinions of fresh eyes.

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers, join the eAustralian Forums, and take a look at our National Library run by the Department of Human Services to aid our New Players.

Thanks for your time!

ARP Spokesman


Tim_Holtz Day 2,107, 00:31

voted fucking hard!

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,107, 00:32

voted. This is just a question but does flatty plan on running again?

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,107, 00:34

I believe not.

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,107, 00:35


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,107, 00:44

Because two months is more then enough. 🙂

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,107, 00:42

A pleasure to vote after the kind gesture you did for me. Good luck guys if you decide to run a candidate in the CP elections

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,107, 00:50

Your more than welcome Hugh, you and claire are always welcome in the ARP.

stump1100 Day 2,107, 00:52


LanyIsLost Day 2,107, 01:20

Nothing like keeping the country divided instead of working toward unity.

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,107, 03:04

Not my choice lany, its the choice of the PP.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,107, 05:59

Lany, is unity under a dictatorship a worthwhile goal?

i refuse to be discriminated against and i have a problem with those who do it, those in the ARP get discriminated against too.

its unacceptable

Riyusaky Day 2,107, 03:05

Yes...i'm famous now ! Mooooom, you gotta see this ! 😁
I think the forums are useless as well....good initiative !

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,107, 07:16

I've since joined the number of people growing in their discontent of the forums. Both of our parties have been working well all of last term and suddenly with the new Senate there are already people lining up to derail the positive message we shared. With the ARP and KHMC being elected to a total of 23 Senate seats the public have rewarded that direction. Those committed to country and not to endless nonsense that holds us back will be its beneficiaries.

So shall it be! FOR AUSTRALIA!

RedWolfz0r Day 2,108, 03:13

I am not happy about the ADF situation. We are at war, yet our soldiers have had their supplies cut off? Frankly I cannot afford to buy Q7 weapons to fight for Australia with 0 support from the government.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 11:25

cut off?

not at all, Binda33 STOLE money from the government, she used money which was not budgetted for the ADF to be used this term.

surely you agree that is not right?

theft is illegal and it has been stopped. its a pity she has ruined it for everyone else, but unless she apologizes and starts listening to government authority the ADF will be cut off and be forced to use what they have.

RedWolfz0r Day 2,108, 18:32

So everyone in the ADF is punished because Binda33 used money that was not budgeted? Surely the mature response would be to ask her to step down rather than cutting off everyone's funding. It's a disgrace that our troops have had their funding stopped due to political wrangling.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 19:04

the ADF already spent over what was budgeted, what do you suggest we do?

waste more money?

RedWolfz0r Day 2,108, 19:25

Why do you think it is a "waste" to give weapons to soldiers to fight for Australia in a war? I can think of no better use of our taxes. If you don't think the ADF was allocating the funds correctly then change it, cutting off funding completely though doesn't benefit anyone.

I think you're letting your personal issues with Binda33 cloud your judgement. The ADF has been around for a LONG time and has been a very effective contributor to Australia's overall damage in a war. If you're the CP and you're not happy with the way the ADF is being run, then change it.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 19:30

thats exactly whats going to happen RedWolfz0r

it will be changed. however its taking time because you have people like binda in the senate trying to keep the same crap system up and running.

i suggest you message binda and complain to her about the completely shit system she is propagating and that you suggest to let the government fix it.

RedWolfz0r Day 2,108, 19:39

You keep coming back to Binda on this. She's in the senate, but you're in government, why are you letting her affect your reforms? If she is not obeying you as ADF commander then stand her down and appoint someone else, it's a democracy after all. The situation we have now is that you're leaving our armed forces without any supplies from the government and you're blaming the opposition for stalling your reforms.

Hell, Dr Hugh Jardon is ADF 2IC, why not just appoint him commander and get the reforms through? Because blaming everything on Binda is a lame excuse.

Majester Day 2,108, 23:38

The truth is MoD Tim has not spoken to Marshal Molly Jo nor either of the generals (Binda and me) this term. It is impossible to reform when you do not communicate the plan to the people tasked to implement government orders.

And the shitstorm is beng led by all three of us, me being the most vocal, because we are tired of this languishing because of political games.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,109, 01:32

Tim, please mate tell us what these reforms are because we are in limbo here and thats half the problem. Nobody knows what is going on, nobody knows who to believe because personal feuds have been clouding all this and meanwhile the average player is being punished for it sadly.

Throw up the Government plans fin the forums or in an article for the ADF so we can discuss in a democratic way the ideas you guys have.

As for the thefts, show us thickos (and yes I am genuinely one) screenshots of whats been taken out and where, but as for the budget, you can't really expect an organisation like the ADF to operate for a whole month on $6,500 can you? Even to me that seems very way off the mark.

This is not me taking sides because if a theft has occurred then we should come down on that person like a ton of bricks but you guys run this game for us in eAustralia and when it comes to the ADF we havent got a clue what your plans are.

Majester Day 2,109, 00:20

RedWolf0r, the ARP government budgeted $6,500 to the ADF.

Forget that we are in a State of War. The government budget is used to supplement the cash in the ADF orgs as we have been doing for nearly 2 years. This government decided that the reserve created by past small surpluses and in large by donations and bequeathments from retiring ADF soldiers is now their money and we cannot use it to supply ADF soldiers. They instead believe it should be used to balance the deficit.

Let me run you through the math of this "budget":
The gov. budget for the ADF is $6,500 for 31 days, so $209.68 per day.
The average cost of weapons has been $11.70 this month.
Thats 556 Q7 weapons for the month or 17.9 per day to the entire ADF.

ADF have 58 members.
D1: 6
D2: 16
D3: 6
D4: 30
Even if we only supply D1 and drop the 0.19G Strenght training to Joeys until they get to 250 Str and become self sufficient, they end up with just less than 3q7 per day.

So Tim moved funds out of our main supply org, and withheld the passwords to our other orgs and did not tell anyone because why should even the MoF know. This was to prevent ADF General Binda33 stealing money which she religiously records in our QM records which I taught her how to do and is monitored by both me and Marshal Molly Jo. Both the President Flatty our Command in Chief and Minister Tim Holtz our direct superior have viewing rights to all ADF records to keep current and look over our shoulders if need be.

But yeah, Binda33 is stealing and there is nothing in moving money to one of the obscure ADF orgs and not telling anybody until the ADF threw a hissy fit because our records showed a theft. The same person accused of stealing, by the way brought it to Senate's attention as she is required. The sad truth that the ADF has become an extension of the Larmitim blood feud with Binda33.

This is your government people.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,109, 06:16

excuse me, why the fuck are there 30 D4 players being funded?

IF they arent in the ADF MU ingame THEY ARE NOT TO BE FUNDED.

the government cannot afford it. period

Majester Day 2,108, 06:28

An election is only successful once the Senators log on and participate in discussions. That goes for all the parties. Don't let us down.

Majester Day 2,108, 06:30

Congratulations and good luck. I yearn to cringe because you just will not shut up in Senate.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 11:26

ARP participates quite alot in private discussions

in the forums, hell no. not as long as certain people who abuse the power they have are removed.

Majester Day 2,108, 12:05

Private discussions do Senate no good. If your party is unprepared to interact on a common platform; you effectively operate as a isolated voting block that cannot be convinced not takes the time to convince you or their position.

It like masturbation. Still sex, but ultimately just playing with yourself.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 19:03

you dont need to convince people when you have the largest block in the senate. its a pointless endeavor when the only people who use the forums refuse to listen to logic anyway

Majester Day 2,108, 23:43

Right. Pointless taking the time to hear out the other perspective because its wrong anyway. Surrounded by those of the same opinion always leads to be best decisions.

Good luck with the power politics. I am afraid it always ends the same.

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