[Arfman for CP - May 2012] Cabinet

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The May 2012 Cabinet is as follows:

CP: Arfman
dCP: Mudkip McMudkip

Minister of Finance : Paul J Keating
Advisor: James Keane

Minister of Defence: Roboa
dMo😨 Im2DamGood4Yu, Koyaanisqatsi Max (Madcow)

Minister of Foreign Affairs (European Affairs): alimilano
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Regional Affairs): Binda33
dMinister of Foreign Affairs: argi the eliminator

Minister of Immigration : Sheraz Ahmad
dMinister of Immigration: TBA
Advisor to Minister: Koyaanisqatsi Max (Madcow)

Minister of Information: irule777
dMinister of Information: TBA
Advisor to Minister: miniate

Minister of New Player Relations and Education: Kaltiz
dMinister of New Player Relations and Education: TBA
Advisor to Minister: Arolia

Ambassador Program: Klonam (Hyuu)

There is still room for more interns, if you wish to be in cabinet this coming term, please contact one of the people above.

Deputies will be picked by the relevant Ministers.

I shall update this article accordingly.

It is also Henry the 8th's birthday tomorrow. Try to coordinate the bashing in his room at #aus-hit 😃