[andyr][GoV] Official statement on the EDEN - Romania relations

Day 799, 06:57 Published in Romania Romania by andyr

(va rog votati pentru international)

In the light of the recent events taking place in the New World, as president of Romania, I feel there is a need to clarify Romania's position towards EDEN, our official opinion on older and recent events, as well as some conclusions that will guide our foreign policy and military actions in the near future.

There are, at first, some misconceptions regarding the last months that need to be addressed - caused by either lack of knowledge, bad will or simply trolling.

1. "Romania went solo against Bulgaria/Turkey, without EDEN's approval, following its own agenda, so they must face the consequences"

First of all, Romania had informative talks with the EDEN HQ before starting its asian operations, and chat log files can be provided if needed.

Secondly, there is - practically - no such thing as "official EDEN approval", as there was never a process (debating, voting, analyzing between member states) to decide if a certain action would take place or not, although the Treaty of EDEN includes details about the procedure (section VII, paragraph 4). And we will address this process flaw later on.

Third, the same type of action that was started by Romania against Bulgaria and Turkey was started by Spain against France, by Poland against Germany, and by Croatia against Slovenia, to name just the latest ones.

Subpoint a) 'Yes, but they did it by themselves and succeeded, and you failed'
Not sure there's even the need to emphasize on this argument.

- When Croatia, Spain and Poland needed help, Romania was there - full force, fully equipped, often hitting kamikaze; and battle statistics are there to prove it. When Romania needed help, to quote a classic, debates occurred - is this fair, don't we have other important battles, is it logical, is it absolutely needed. Without Romanian help, nobody knows how either of the other fronts would've ended - maybe now Poland and Spain would've been in their original territories, with MPPs activated. It's not self-sustained pride, it's just numbers. IF Romania would've got from its allies the amount of support it offered, Romania's campaign would've been as successful as others'.
- Secondly, Romania has a way of attracting Hungary and the rest of Phoenix. So while PHX's main force was occupied stopping Romania and conquering our original regions, others could march almost matchless through enemy territories.

2. &quot;Yes, but we opened HelloKitty to save your behind, spent shitloads of gold, and you're such ungrateful bastards&quot;</strong>

First of all, by not defending Romania, EDEN itself broke the main rule of the EDEN Treaty, section VII, paragraph 3 - &quot;In the case of a Member being attacked by a Hostile nation all other Members are obligated to provide military and economic support.&quot;

Secondly, Romania itself lost, due to the lack of help on the EDEN side, close to 3000 gold, meaning the cost of the hospitals/DSs for 3 regions and the cost of reopening/regaining the regions.

Third, while we understand that not helping Romania in the first phase was the strategically corect decision, we also agreed that HK was the normal thing to do in order to COMPENSATE for the two points above.

Fourth, although I am not entitled to give details, the money for opening HK twice didn't came from US or another EDEN country, for that matter (or to be more precise, they came from a certain EDEN country under the form of a loan which will be returned). If you opened it just for Romania, you could've just stopped after opening the region, without any tanking.

3. &quot;Sofia ? Why should we provided help for a worthless region when we had more important battles in South Africa ? Don't conquer what you can't keep !&quot;

- because Sofia had 3 k population and most of the bulgarian companies (remember Paris ?)
- because Sofia had a high opening cost (over 1000 gold daily, including the damage drain in Ruse), which couldn't have been supported daily. Imagine Serbia (or whoever paid for it) spending 5000 gold in 5 days to open Sofia; that would've never happened;
- because Sofia was the only way Serbia could reach and capture Plovdiv, making all our efforts from the last months useless;
- because we could've kept Sofia against Serbia alone (again, see battle stats), but not against Serbia + Hungarian army + Russian army;
- because after Marmara (twice), romanian original regions and the first battle for Sofia (in December), we would've expected EDEN to REALLY help us ONCE in this whole campaign.
- because you knew (according to EDEN HQ) about Indo's intentions in SA since a while ago, and if you didn't, they were obvious since a while back when Indo triggered the war, and if you really indended to do something, you would've had plenty of time to do something there (like sign MPPs with SA), including about 6 months to &quot;get Indo out of South Africa&quot;.

While I understand it would be in some countries' best interest - funny enough, from different alliances - that Romania would just sit in its own borders and just send its army above to fight where it's needed, I don't think that's in Romania's best interest. We tried that before and it brought us to 9000 population, a lot of people leaving the game, screwed economy and military. So based on the actions from the last months, with Sofia being just the cherry on the cake, Romania's official guidelines in regarding the military actions and foreign policy are as follows :

a) Romania will defend with full military force any EDEN country that is attacked in its original territory.

Romania will continue to sign MPPs with the EDEN members, unless the EDEN members express direct disagreement towards signing the MPP.

c) Romania will NOT send any military units, financed by the Romanian state, to fight in foreign battles in which Romania's direct interest is not represented, the exception here being Croatia, which has our full support in any military actions.

d) Romania will NOT participate in the EMC taskforce, effective immediately.

e) Romania will withdraw all representatives from EDEN official channels, effective immediately.

f) Romania will sign MPPs with any non-EDEN country that expresses the will to do so, if it's in Romania's best interest to sign the forementioned MPP.

g) Romania expresses the hope that the next EDEN leadership, to be chosen in a couple of days, will follow and respect the values on which this alliance was born and based, as well as the member countries, with equal rights and responsabilities, and it's ready to retake its active role in EDEN once the new leadership guarantees the above.

This is not a step towards Phoenix or a decision that has been taken against EDEN, or against the population of the EDEN countries - it is a decision that has been taken against a leadership and a system that starts to be based on personal interests and not strategical interests, on fighting battles because some people are friends with other people, not because they are important in the big picture, on a system where some countries are more important than others and some countries have to lose for others to gain.

Yours sincerely,


President of Romania.