[AMP]The Party and You

Day 1,899, 15:53 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

Don’t you worry.

Well, sorry about that folks! RL picked up and I was a little busy to get an article out, so here it is!


We just had some congressional elections, and got some really awesome people in! Here is our list for the new year!

1) Mikeypenny1
2) Black Baroness
3) John Largo
4) Mr Swagg
5) GSP
6) Rushaun
7) DLS
😎 Free Area
9) Jason
10) Chucky Norris

An excellent mixture of young and old, if you ask me 🙂

Some very awesome people did not get in, however. The reason this being that they lacked the necessary amount of votes in our congressional primary, additionaly, the party has undergone severe numerical contraction. This is a combination of two reasons: they got too few votes in our new congressional primary, and the party has shrunk in number. With regards to the former, I had a similar experience in which I lost 6 congressional elections in a row at one point. Stay vigilant!

With regards to the latter, you can help us. Invite your friends, talk to independent and/or undecided individuals, talk to people in your MU, recruit! We can get more seats, but we need to grow in size first. AMP Leadership is working diligently to get more and more people elected, but we need your help! Get the word out about how awesome the AMP is 🙂


Our next show time is Monday, Frebruary 4th at 16:00 erep time! The main topic will be about the upcoming election unity ATO. Listen, call in, and let’s have some fun!


Recruitment is officially back on track! After we hit some speed bumps, we finally have been able to resume our recruitment drive! If you are reading this, and you are not an AMP member, join us today! Afterwards, be sure to apply for access on the forum so you can help push the party forward! This is a great time to join the party, and I’m always looking for people who want to help out.

The AMP is a party for young and old, political and apolitical, military, militia and civilian alike! Want to start your political career? AMP is the place to be. Want a group of likeminded players to hang out with? AMP has you covered. Want a party with a ridiculously awesome slogan? Feel the AMPs, baby.

Theme of the Month

If you have yet to notice, my primary modus operandi for this month has been reform, reform reform.I’ve spent the majority of this term thus far working internally with party leadership; inciting and promoting cohesion and making many extremely beneficial communication improvements.. I have, in addition to previous reformations, been making many such reforms to the primary body of constituents, from the introduction and overwhelmingly successful implementation of several recreational programs, to the revitalization of past institutions, much needing of reinvigoration and a significant increase in the gross beatitude of our members. I can assure you that we have been working diligently to bring this dream to fruition; we have made a radio show, revived battle buddies and the writers’ guild, and added a new mode of communication: an official shout team!

Now, as we move forward into the second half of the term, our sights are set on growth. Reforming a system is fantastic, but unless there are people to take part in that system, our reforms will be pointless. It is with that fact in mind that I come to you. Volunteer with us. The party could always use another member that is working diligently to improve the place. We need to focus on recruitment, and getting out the AMP message now. Invite your friends, write articles and volunteer to message new citizens today! There is always a way to help the party out. If you want to help out, contact me personally! We could always use more writers, organizers and messagers!

Be sure to check out the forum!
There are many amazing programs that are being run on the forums! Do you need food or tanks? You will definitely find a program that can help you!


✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯