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[AMP] The Evolution lives on!

Day 1,695, 19:01 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Gimme some of dat MOOD MUSIC!

This terms time is almost at the end, but things are far from over people.

AMP is still flying high, lets keep it that way with a lot of hardwork.

The primary has been decided!

First off, an apology. We should of had an MM go out about the primary, but it never happened. I apologise for that personally, as I should of made sure it. So, again, my sincere apologies.

This month, there was a choice between two candidates .. I’ll try and keep this as unbiased as possible.

In the Blue Corner, there was the incumbent PP … Me, seeking reelection for a 2nd term. While in the Red Corner, you had a mans first attempt at running for PP after spending months in the RT, Dravik Rixx!

For those of you who feel like you’ve seen this before, you have slightly, from this article … this is an updated and better version

That is what I felt happened in the primary regardless of the results. In all honesty, when Rixx announced he was running, I felt apprehensive. I by no means EVER expected a landslide or an easy battle. I thank Rixx for running and sincerly hope he runs in the future and wins.

Reflecting on the term passed by

And so, this term is over. When I stepped into this position, I honestly had no idea how it’d be. I thought it was gonna be impossible .. I thought i’d get burnt out after one term. If anything, this has been one of the best months i’ve had in my 2 years of eRepublik (Ok, not quite 2 years, but it’s less than a week away, so meh!).

There’s been euphoria! There’s been disappoint … There’s been explosive anger (Eh Potato? 😛) but most of all, there has been fun for what has seemed like an eternity of little of it. But I also think that this term we have produced some outstanding results for the party!

The PAC department was phenomenal. While not a crushing victory against the USWP by numbers, it was still a great victory none-the-less. Potato did an amazing job and for once, displayed a maturity to me that was unprecedented, it was unbelieve to see him take it so seriously. My British Top Hat off to him!

The Communications Department has been brilliant as ever. Rixx has NEVER put a step wrong in my eyes in that department. He has always been ready with a timely Mass Message to be sent, and has always been imploring departments to ask if they need anything including in it. It’s a shame he will not return to the position next month.

My biggest happiness comes from the Retention Department. Eric was practically untested in Party politics … not a lot of the other leaders really knew him. But I trusted him, I knew he had ideas and I wanted to let him loose! And the man has not let me down or disappointed me in the least! He has reinvigorated the Retention Department beyond its previous stature and has even earnt a National Politics Position because of his hard work. He is the dogs b*******!

Retention has fun in store for you tomorrow/today

You heard correctly! Our now Nationally noticed Game Nights (I say Nationally noticed because the work Eric has done with these got him noticed by Evry, thus giving him further political opportunities) is on board happening for tomorrow/today!

We’ll have the usual Trivia quizzes with the nice little shiny GOLD PRIZES, ranging from 1 all the way to the 10 limit! (Yes, that’s right, you COULD win 10 gold in our game nights). And hopefully, he’ll be conjuring up other games to play as well for other prizes!

So if you’re in the neighbourhood and you want to try your hand at some prize winning, stop by in tomorrow (Thursday, 12th July) at roughly 16:00 eRep time, and join in the fun that is without a shadow of a doubt likely to occur!

We may almost be at the finishing post, but we’re not letting up AT ALL!
✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

John Killah - American Military Party, Party President


Eric Vanderberg
Eric Vanderberg Day 1,695, 19:02


potato134 Day 1,695, 19:05

oh u

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,695, 19:06


Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,695, 20:21


Capo Ne
Capo Ne Day 1,696, 00:38

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

emdoublegee Day 1,696, 01:30

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

kyvasyat Day 1,696, 12:55


potato134 Day 1,696, 12:56

feeling the lution of revo

Scoundrel Day 1,696, 13:52

voted,very good article

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,696, 15:09

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Haliman Day 1,696, 18:05

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

Soliden Day 1,696, 21:00

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

Synesi Day 1,696, 21:08

amp amp amp amp

Oblige Day 1,696, 21:10

Something something AMPS huzzah!


Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,696, 21:51

To another great month!

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

mvcakir Day 1,696, 23:14

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

Relorian Day 1,696, 23:20

Im still waiting for us to Evolve beyond being tools for the USWP.

10.10.3 Day 1,697, 01:37


soil3d Day 1,697, 03:18


khristian12 Day 1,697, 05:16


B O R D O Day 1,697, 09:11


Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,697, 10:08


GOSHTRIDER Day 1,697, 10:42


oO HYBRID Xx Day 1,697, 11:22

Sick of this game? then join me in this social game 🙂

Malpazar Day 1,697, 11:26

✯✯✯Feel The Amps!✯✯✯

Mythakbar Day 1,697, 14:24


kuljah Day 1,698, 04:11

grover was here

xXDEPREDADORXx Day 1,698, 10:11


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