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[AMP] Recruitment interview with Black Baroness!!!

Day 1,890, 18:02 Published in USA USA by AlmightySo

Hello fellow AMP’ers today I will be interviewing The recruiting director of the AMP Black Baroness!

Hello Black Baroness!

Hey mikeypenny1

Why did you join the AMP?
One of my friends invited me to join and feel the AMPs when I became an American citizen. In eGermany I had no relationship to political parties. But here I got more involved. The intern program was chance for me to learn a lot of the AMP and the political work.
Therefore I would join the AMP again ….... real love never ends xD

When did you join the AMP?
I joined the AMP on 31/05/2012. On this day I fell in love with the AMP 😃

Do you believe the new player has a chance in the AMP?

Of course I do because we need young, enthusiastic members who are dedicated to our party and who want to start a political career.

What makes the AMP more special than the other parties?

The AMP is a pro-Military Party which advocates support towards its soldiers who want to be more involved in the political activity and boost their political career.
The AMP offers some wonderful programs for new young members who wants to be more involved in the political work. We have a special supply program for our newbies where they can request tanks every day. The AMP Retention Department does hold Game Nights from time to time. All members can have a lot of fun there with playing UNO, Soccer, Military Trivia and Baseball.

There you go now after what you’ve heard apply for the AMP here on our forums!!!


potato134 Day 1,890, 18:19


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,890, 18:19

man, i need to start hosting soccer, baseball, and trivia??? why didnt i know about this?

Ezahiel Day 1,891, 05:11

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