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[AMP] Rebuilding for the Future

Day 2,021, 10:56 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Ooooh, New Image xD

How are you America, well I hope, and happy now we’ve got that ultimate war so many desired xD!

I know that for a while now, i’ve wanted to kick Serbia squarely in the nuts, even more since my party was PTO’d by them … Probably should of done it during my PotUS Term instead of focusing on a stalemate of a draw with Taiwan … but hey ho, that’s the way it goes.

Lets move on to the contents of todays article :3 -

The AMP PotUS Nomination

This is uncharted territory for the nation, party and Unity Process. We’ve not had the problem where one of the Top 4 Parties that helps determine the outcome of the Unity process has been PTO’d. That does mean we stop just because of that, we push ahead. There have been whisperings that AMP should be left out of the Unity Process this month … whether that's because these people feel we’re don’t have a party ergo no nomination, because it’s bad PR for us or because they have some other agenda.

Let me just say unequivocally that the AMP will STILL BE ENDORSING A CANDIDATE. While sadly we’ve lost the ingame function to do so, you can’t NOT factor in the voices of nearly 400 people from a single party (AFA discounted ofc). We’ll simply just announce who we will be backing and let our members know who to vote for. The ingame isn’t the be all and end all of this game like some people believe … there is the metagame that holds a lot of sway with people.

Also on this topic, i’d like to thank the party members who have stayed to fight tooth and nail for their home instead of cutting their losses and running away to another party, your courage and determination brightens the gloom surrounding the party. I would also like to thank the people from other parties who came to me and asked if there was anything they could do to help, I know that while you can’t help from the inside, the help you provided from the outside with regards to your own party was more than helpful and I thank you immensely.

Still standing

Insert the Elton John Song here 😉

… I hope you realise that I left the above in because the video wasn’t actually meant to be there, just meant to be used to show I love a good joke … most of the time.

The 25th of May wasn’t a good joke. Been a long time since I felt like throwing a rage fit, certainly a long time since i’ve wanted to repeatedly punch someone in the face until it’s nothing more than a bloodied pulp … You know, a typical eRep day back then xD! It angered several people, made a few chuckle and call us names, but for some of us, it reinvigorated us and reminded us why we still play this game.

I’ll probably always remember walking into the AMP leadership and finding out we’d been PTO’d. Instead of running around like a headless chicken, I began giving people things to do to try and counter what was going on … I hadn’t done that in months and certainly not on that scale. It was a breath of fresh air and gave me a renewed sense of purpose in the party.

So, 8 days later, where do we stand? Meta-Game wise, we’re doing well rebuilding. Leadership and members alike are over the shock of what’s happened and are working together to piece the party back together. I’ve had a couple of old members message me offering their help and newer members asking to become more involved to try stop it happening again. Mechanics Wise, not a lot we can do since Free Area reneged on his word (Naturally) to resign after the congress day was out. This does mean the AMP’s Ingame Nomination will unfortunately be misused against party member wishes, but I ask people take no heed of that and remember that the party does not support the AFA or anyone affiliated.

Inter-Party relations have seen a boon in all honesty. I’ve not seen the PP’s talk to each other so much in the past the few months, but in the past couple of weeks, it’s been non-stop chatter. Sure I’m sure members in their parties will laugh at us and point and call names, but their PP’s have been nothing but helpful. A special shoutout goes to the Fed Representatives who have been working closely with us to help us out in a couple of areas where we lapsed. Every party helped keep their more outspoken members quieter for a bit to allow us time to lick our wounds.

Us parties may bicker with each other and try to one-up the rest of them, but if this scenario has shown us anything, it’s that we refuse to be divided when faced with a problematic situation. We all pulled together, pooled resources and in the end, I feel that while the trust is still slightly dented, our cooperation has flourished.

You lost out there AFA.

AMP Radio!

I can’t remember the last time I wrote about Radio … Might of been when I was still an active member of the Media Department for the Gov. Ahh, I fondly remember listening to eNPR and then writing a summary as my segment of the WHPR … fun days xD! Difference is, this time i’m not talking about eNPR … No, i’m talking about eAMPR!

Starting in a weeks time, AMP’s Media Department will be expanding the party’s broadcasting roster! Instead of 2 shows to enjoy, you will now have THREE SHOWS A WEEK! Other parties and eNPR need not worry, they’ll all be timetabled to avoiding clashing with theirs so that America can have the best of all the Radio Worlds! So here’s what you can look forwards to -

Monday: JK’s New Show!
Every Monday, AMP will put on its super serious face and discuss both RL topics and eUS Topics. Hosted by that British dude, JK will give his opinions on what’s happening as well as that of his guests. But don’t worry, it’s not all talk, there will be music breaks with songs chosen by the listeners.

Wednesday: Saraht0ga’s Toga Party
Every Wednesday, AMP lets its hair down for a midweek party! Hosted by the cute woman with a voice you can’t help but love, Saraht0ga plays you music all show long, interspersed with listener choices and trivia in order to help you win prizes! You have to be a fool to miss it!

Saturday: The John Killah and Saraht0ga Hour!
And finally, every Saturday, AMP welcomes in the weekend with it’s own RL Couple JK and Saraht0ga! Featuring the two of them being … well … them, they also bring in friends and just chat with each other and the audience to keep them entertained and remind them why Saturday is ALWAYS the best day of the weekend!

Keep it chillin eAmerica!

American Military Party Interim Party President



John Killah
John Killah Day 2,021, 10:57

First Denied for Rebuilding this party!

Clorofila Day 2,021, 10:59

best wishes, John!

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 2,021, 10:59

This was a one-time setback. I'm sure you guys will regain momentum easily. : )

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 2,021, 11:00

good luck o7

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,021, 11:02

Good luck AMP, you guys have a bright future ahead as always

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,021, 11:03

Tough road ahead of us, but I like our chances.

Tenshibo Day 2,021, 11:05

Aint no dragonballs needed to revive this party o7

Good luck.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,021, 11:29

If I want to listen to crappy music I can put on actual radio.

John Killah
John Killah Day 2,021, 11:49

Jelly Much?

iPanchO Day 2,021, 11:59

or you can just listen to yourself but all you'll hear is crap without music.

warri0r7 Day 2,021, 12:53

good lucko7

SilentSurfer Day 2,021, 12:55

*** FEEL THE AMPs ***********

KOSOVA Batoa Day 2,021, 12:58

Lets get back o/

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,021, 14:07

*** FEEL THE AMPs ***********

emdoublegee Day 2,021, 14:24


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,021, 14:55

Your party?! I thought AMP is party of all AMPers....

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,021, 15:00

btw FEEL THE AMPS xaxaxaxa

D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,021, 15:15

Can you feel it???


funky_ribar Day 2,021, 16:45


Aramec Day 2,021, 16:55

Feds, USWP, WTP and the rest of America are here to help. o7

Anwnimos Day 2,022, 04:56


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 2,022, 05:45

A vote against Free Area.

Malarkey83 Day 2,022, 06:50

Comment deleted

Malarkey83 Day 2,022, 06:51


Norbengo Day 2,022, 06:54

Wait, is this about AMP or about AFA?

Morgan LaFaye
Morgan LaFaye Day 2,024, 07:39

'The ingame isn't the be all and end all of this game like some people believe … there is the metagame that holds a lot of sway with people.'

Problem is approximately 75% of ingame citizens don't play the 'metagame' or they get attacked for having a differing opinion. I and those approximately 75% of other citizens come here to play 'eRepublik', not be abused by a bunch limp little boys.

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