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[AMP] Internship Program

Day 1,869, 12:44 Published in USA USA by Syz2

AMP has always been a party of opportunity. We want to hear your voice, and want give you the chance to work with some of the best the nation has to offer. That is why we have our internship program. Its a great way for you to learn and for you and your party to help each other.

Jack Mensley informed me a bit of how this program got started. The internship program came about when Cerb first became Party President of AMP, and Jack Mensley was his Chief of Staff. They wanted to make it easier for players to volunteer and get involved. Department directors generally chose deputies they knew well, or didn't make an effort to find new people. For new people who didn't know any department directors well, their ideas were much less likely to be brought in.

But AMP isn't a party that wants that. We want to have everyone's ideas, so our party can continue to improve. This is why the Internship Program was implemented. With this program, its easy for the party to get to know the skills of its members, for positions to be more easily filled, and for members to find a start in party leadership and get their ideas brought in.

The internship program has been a great help to the AMP so far. Jack said "In my opinion the Intern Program is fantastic for education and experience. With that, it also aids in AMP's fluctuation in Leadership. Now a new Party President could never say there isn't any experienced Director candidates and a Director can never say there isn't any Deputies with this program."

Is this program a good fit for you? Of course! The AMP Internship Program is a fantastic learning experience for even the newest players, and we really want to give you a good start and a chance to get involved. For the more experienced, it helps to introduce you to higher leadership positions and get to know some awesome people. Not just people you will learn an immense amount from, but friends you will really enjoy working with and getting to know. You can decide which department you want to be an intern for, and you can always ask to switch to a different one if you think it would better suit you.

Whether you want to get involved in party leadership, learn some new things, or just meet some awesome people, our Intership Program will be a great experience for you. Our party is all about its members, so we are throwing opportunity right to you. We have room everywhere for new interns, and we will work to make sure you make the most out of this experience. Its a great program for getting help and helping your party in return, for anyone of any degree of experience and knowledge.

We have other programs for you as well. Be sure to check out our tank program and media club for example. You can find them on our forums.

Click here to apply for an Internship!

Click here to check out our Different Departments you can Intern for
Click here to get party member access to our forums

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Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,869, 13:43

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David North Day 1,869, 15:13

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Anwnimos Day 1,869, 16:37

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Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,869, 17:09

There are some good peeps in the AMP, voted

emdoublegee Day 1,869, 17:47

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ElvenCRO Day 1,869, 17:48

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Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,869, 21:50

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Free Area Day 1,870, 04:53

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menon111 Day 1,870, 05:37

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Obama.Putin Day 1,870, 07:44

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GonzoVeritas Day 1,871, 05:55

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Julian Caesar
Julian Caesar Day 1,871, 07:47

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