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[AMP] Feeling dem AMPs! - Interview with BeachBunny

Day 1,846, 18:12 Published in USA USA by John Killah

This has to be a first for me ... writing an interview in my own paper. Never thought of myself as that type of writer, it’s always been a case of writing something funny or thought-provoking … mixed with Anti-AFA/Pizza hilarity that I know has had people spilling their coffee in laughter (amirite Israel?)

But I figured why not let people know about who is running the party I love so much? Some people accuse the AMP of being USWP Jr, but we’re not, and I hope these interviews will show you just why we’re not :3

BeachBunny Interview

John Killah: EveningBunny (see what I did thar :3) How long you been in the AMP?
BeachBunny: I have been in the AMP for 3 months now. Best 3 months for me so far

JK: AMP's own ickle bunny \o/ You've done quite well considering your short tenure here, what have you done so far during your stay?
BB: Well I have been elected to congress 3 times since being in the AMP 1 previous time under the AMP Banner. Lets see what else i started as a recruitment Deputy in my 1st month and by the time the next month came around i was recruitment Director. I do have big plans for this month!

JK: I love it when people have big ideas 😃 So for those who don't know, what exactly does your job as Recruitment Director entail?
BB: Basically I am in charge of getting the AMP's name out there and seen. I am a big PR machine. Why we want the AMP's name out there is for many reasons. To atract new members or old ones as well as keeping the AMP and her image where it should be which is number 1!

JK: You no machine, you bunny :3 How did you first get introduced into the AMP, and then into the leadership?
BB: Well i was introdcued to the AMP as they were the party that would run me for congress before this whole new system was in place. I then took a closer look at the party and decided that the AMP was the place me. Now as to how i got involved in leadership. I just made it known that i wanted to help in any way shape or form and then worked my booty off!

JK: *looks at your booty* Nope, still there o/ So what plans do you have for you career in AMP? Any other positions you'd like to try your hand at?
BB: In the AMP recruitment is for me other then CoS of course. But i do plan to run for PP but that will be put on hold as I will be joining the Army in February so I will be taking a little bit of a break from eRep during basic. But I will be back. For now I will continue to do my job. And make sure that the AMP is the best Party ever. You guys make my job easy!

JK: A Sexy Military PP? I may have to clean this puddle of drool up before I continue. What about National? You've been pushing yourself alot there, any plans on that front?
BB: Yes i do plan to run for CP one day down the road after basic. I am also planning to get more involved in the State Department. I want to get some more background and more experience in a lot of the fields before i run for CP. So basically i plan to get involved in everything on the National level at some point.

JK: I like these plans \o/ Unfortunately you missed alot of PP's, but judging from what you know of the people, who do you think gave the best PP terms for the party?
BB: TBH i dont know much about other PP terms. But i do truly think that Cerb did an amazing job as PP.

JK: He was a good PP wasn't he. Obvious question now - Words to people who wish to get active in leadership?
BB: If you wish to get active in leadership well get off your but and get to work. This game has enough people that expect to be given handouts. So if you want to get involved message me or any of the other RT members and see if we could use you. We all could use a little bit of extra help now and then. And we sure as heck wont forget you.

JK: Too right, and finally - Favourite TV Show?
BB: Id have to say The Walking Dead by far. Who doesnt love killing some Zombies!

JK: Damn good choice, thankyou BeachBunny for being a jaw dropping interviewee :3
BB: Thank you for the Opportunity. The pleasure was all mine!

So who gets interviewed next edition? I’m keeping that more secretive than what a nun wears underneath her habit :3

Keep it chillin eAmerica!




John Killah
John Killah Day 1,846, 18:13

First Denied for a Sexy Interview!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,846, 18:14


Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,846, 18:16

~Feel The AMPS~

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,846, 18:22

Feel The AMPs

Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,846, 18:25


BeachBunny Day 1,846, 18:29


xy2set Day 1,846, 18:34

"thankyou BeachBunny for being a jaw dropping interviewee"

That would've been a great pun if BeachBunny wasn't a chick... but yay for BeachBunny being a hot chick

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,846, 18:34

Nice! Voted!

AlmightySo Day 1,846, 18:55

Dis shit sexy!

BugsBunnyz Day 1,846, 19:03


Synesi Day 1,846, 20:38

AMP it up

greeling Day 1,846, 20:44

needs more Greeling

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,847, 05:33

Nice interview 😃 Voted

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