[AMP]Enough is Enough

Day 1,890, 14:40 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

Here we go again.

In April 2011, I got together with Sir Valaro Volcrum and Kria Erikson to address the ongoing military crisis. At the time, military people were not getting fair representation in congress, and were not being treated fairly. So we came together and formed the American Military Party to give everyone a voice, everyone a home, and everyone a fair chance. I remember when this party was a family. When we were devoid of trolls, and everyone was in the party because they wanted to work together

The fact of the matter is, this is no longer the case. I’m done being nice and trying to please the trolls that are killing this party.

Every AMPer that I talked to from when the party was reborn that left at some point has told me they left because party leadership, at one point or another, deviated from the party’s original platform of fairness and equality for all. This absolutely sickens me. When we first started out, this was not a political party. It was a fun community that people came to for friendship and to work towards a common goal. Now, it is a collection of warring cliques that are all vying for control of the party. People are more concerned about ”What’s in it for me?” or ”Well we can’t let the other side win!” People have put their own political careers above the well being of the party, and that stops today.

In all honesty, I would gladly trade every major national accomplishment this party has achieved if it meant the brother/sisterhood and comraderie would return to the AMP. We were a family before. We were such a strong community back when we were all unified.

No more. Enough is enough. This demeaning and diminutive immaturity has been driving people away from us for a very long time. This party has historically been a family, and it will be one again. If you have a problem with putting the collective above your own career or that of your own ambitions, then there’s the door. Feel free to stop obstructing the family from reuniting.

To those that have left us, come home. A lot of you were forced out of the party because of a changing platform. And I have absolutely no right to force you to do something. But please trust me. I made a promise when I ran for PP again. That I would restore our original platform of fairness and equality for all members, all while having a good time. A bunch of people have already come back to us. We can still fix this party. But we need to work together We need to be a unified community once more. I am working my butt off to restore our platform in its entirety, but I need you. Come home.

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