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[AMP] Battle Buddies - Do your Part!

Day 1,891, 08:21 Published in USA USA by potato134

What is Battle Buddies?

Battle buddies is a program in the American Military Party that is meant to increase recruitment and retention in the party. The concept is simple you invite your friends to the party and both of you get rewarded.

How do I participate?

Simple just tell your friend to join the AMP and have them sign up for access on the forums. After they become full members on the forums ( 7 days) you and your friend will receive rewards.

What is the reward?

You get two rewards for inviting your friends to the AMP. You will receive a reward of 25 Q7 tanks for both yourself and your friend. You will also receive the satisfaction of helping your party grow in size and the glory that comes with it.

Don’t delay, do your part today!


To run this program we will need supplies such as Q7 tanks and money to run it. If anyone is interested in donating supplies that would be excellent you can also donate supplies to haliman, rushaun or crimsonninja for other programs in the AMP. For your donation you will receive a special forum badge as a thank you for your donation.

Writers Guild

The AMP needs writers for writers guild to sign up please send Chase mason mikeals and dirty angels a message on erep or post in this thread that you interested . This is beneficial to both the writer of it and the AMP as it increases exposure for both parties. If you have trouble of thinking what to write just write a simple “why I joined the AMP” article and you are started on your writing career!



Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,891, 08:32

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Nice article potato134 🙂

DiegoJoak Day 1,891, 08:38


NWsFF Day 1,891, 09:30

Voted! Day 1,891, 11:49

//AFA** hahaahah

Soliden Day 1,891, 12:04

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Syz2 Day 1,891, 12:43

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Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,891, 13:40

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Haliman Day 1,891, 14:39

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John Largo
John Largo Day 1,891, 15:16

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Michael ManyTrees
Michael ManyTrees Day 1,892, 22:01

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