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[Ambassador] Western Europe Report III

Day 1,864, 23:03 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up


Greetings eFilipinos, tonight I present to you my report on Western Europe as Ambassador of said region. This article will show to you the updates of the current Cabinet of the countries in Western Europe.


1. Ambassador Position
2. Report: Austria
3. Report: Belgium
4. Report: France
5. Report: Germany
6. Report: Netherlands
7. Report: Slovenia
8. Report: Switzerland
9. Final Words

Ambassador Position

I applied for the job on day 1737 to MoFA Lacon Yan, under the Jon873 Administration. He immediately approved my application and stated two tasks:

1. Give the Cabinet List of the Countries in your Region.
2. Get Some News in the Region and Publish a Weekly Report.

He asked me if I wanted to be the ambassador, and obviously I said Yes. That is why my term as Ambassador of the Philippines to Russia came to an end.

After Eldarion Sionnodel became President, my job as ambassador ended again as the MoFA on that Administration didn't gave any information about the ambassadors. This is why the ambassadorial positions became stagnant.

Last October, I reapplied for the Second Season of the Regional Ambassadors by the MoFA, Lacon Yan on Day 1783, but officially declared as the Ambassador on Day 1789.

When Eldarion Sionnodel became President for the third time this year, Ambassadors were ignored and their services came to a halt.

This month, MoFA kb1992 reopened the Regional Ambassadorial Positions and as usual, I applied for Western Europe on Day 1851 and on the same day I was approved by the Minister. The same tasks were handed out to me and I, Ambassador Boy Pick Up shall perform my duties as the Regional Ambassador of Western Europe

Report: Austria

Austrian Cabinet
President: OEBernd
Prime Minister: Prince of Austria
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Lazo, II. Jemby, Yhamilitz
Minister of Finance: Luis Grindl
Vice Minister of Finance: Tom Hickenbottom
Minister of Defence: hippie007
Vice Ministers of Defence: exkrementensammler
Ministers of Education and Community: Schwrzwolf, Jeanlouis, cehansen
Minister of Immigration: LarsUlrich87
Advisors: Rangeley

Report: Belgium

Belgian Cabinet
President: BrunoCND
Prime Minister: Yannis de Leeuw
Minister of Foreign Affairs: MCKitkat
Minister of Finance: SX80

Report: France

French Cabinet
President: Ylirion
Vice President: Tototwalker
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Nicolas Bonaparte, J35000
Assistant Ministers of Foreign Affairs: ZeMakubeX, Exidio
Minister of Interior-Community: Gigilatrik
Assistant Minister of Interior-Community: Gregdab
Minister of Defence: Zoragan
Assistant Ministers of Defence: Chester_AO, Jiefene, FrenchDeathxxl
Ministers of Economy: Jean Roquefort, Parmenions64
Assistant Minister of Economy: Albardus
Ministers of Communication: Threshold, MattPanzer
Assistant Minister of Communication: Averell29
Ministers of Solidarity: Niceone30, Magiclex
Assistant Minister of Solidarity: Sh3lby
Minister of Community: Elynnie, Jysix, PaeliasFr
Assistant Minister of Community: Mista Creon, Cesare Vino
Ministers of Lulz: Alexandria & Evoh

Report: Germany

German Cabinet
President: Maxi Fifole
Vice President: Freiheitskaempfer, higter
Minister of Danish Affairs: Maine Coon
Minister of Defense: BadMax, n0s3, reaktionaer, Slayer10, Freiheitskaempfer, n0s3
Minister of Foreign Affairs: BadMax, Freiheitskaempfer
Embassy Coordinator: MMMaster
b]-Apprentice:[/b] theobaer
Minister of Finances: higter, bernhardms
-Apprentice: Thuroi
Ministers of Interior: Kalif Batan
-Apprentice: Kersis
Minister of Community: Kloppo, djnewdream
-Apprentice: NorthAfricaCorps

Report: Netherlands

Dutch Cabinet
President: van Spijck
Prime Minister: djirtsdew
Minister of Defense: Kamp amersfoort
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Scipivs Africanvs
Minister of Education: Zeeuwsmeisje
Minister of Finance: Weekstrom

Report: Slovenia

President: ebutaljib
Prime Minister: 0rinda
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dimitrij, SmoothZiga, Rupel
Minister of Defense: T1M3K, Vrba94
Minister of Finance: Ellerion
Minister of Social Welfare: Franco Koderlajsa
Minister of Information: Mr.CaCkO
Minister of Patriotism: sesir
Ministry of Multijet: PREROCK

Report: Switzerland

Swiss Cabinet
President: chukcha
Prime Minister: Lotus Black
Minster of Defense: plasmakp
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoffman12
Governor: Rican
Director of Embassies: Trogdorthetroll100

Final Words

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Boy Pick Up
Grand Duke of Visayas
Philippine Ambassador to Western Europe
Vice Minister of Defense
Commander of Pinoy Mobsters


kb1992 Day 1,864, 06:59


EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,865, 11:12

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