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[ALFA4CP]Foreign adventures

Day 1,892, 14:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Grampa Alfagrem

In tonights article I address the field of foreign affairs, wars and defense.

I've fought for a huge number of nations in my time in the game (merc medal) and have grown to respect the abilities of our friends and our enemies.

My own favored nations consists of eUK, Macedonia, Serbia, Indonesia and Canada, It therefore comes as no surprise that I'm heavily in favor of our current links with TWO and CoT and there will be no deviation away from that path during a potential term in office.

In the past 2 months we have embarked on many adventures as a nation having gone up against Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal and whilst we can individually take on those nations or even a combination of them together, we've also had to face their allies and friends and incurred a massive 'damage debt' towards our own allies.

The forum community may well recall the Kazuo and Aeriala invasions when I advocated and personnaly led some troops overseas to recoup credits for the eUK in key battles.

Those researchers may even of stumbled across an article from my formative years in the game - It should therefore come as no shock that I won't be jabbing the NE button with the same maniacal relish as our current CP.

As I see our situation in the coming month;
1. We shall continue the war with the only EDEN nation that borders us (Norway) till such time as our exsistence, their EDENness or their exsistence changes that one fact.

These battles will however be spaced out and managed so that eUK damage can be focused towards repaying our allies.

2. If/when this campaign dies down then a suitable TW will be found but again it will be managed to allow maximum focus on TWO/CoT fronts.

With this vision of a calmer homefront I'd also like to address some other related issues;

The National/Offical MU
The title such as it was became an award by the incumbent CP after his party scrapped the last traditional-style, National MU.

The precedence of 'CP award' was furthur set in stone when the current incumbent disregarded a vote of congress and maintained the award to the Legion MU.

I am therefore keeping the option of nominating an offical MU or MUs based on the following criteria.

+ In-game Commander(s) must be an eUKer.

+ The MU must be willing to deploy to other TWO nations in order to assist in retention of captured regions by our allies. (A measure called for and endorsed by Congress)

+ Supplies must be available to any eUKer in the MU regardless of other political affiliations.

CTA will only be activated when eUK is in an actual shooting war. We will not be wasting assets on TWs or keep it running during times of peace just to keep it running.

I'd much rather we had a large stockpile to hand when push comes to shove and supplies are REALLY needed.

Once a sufficient stockpile has been procured then we will be running a joint, nationwide strike every Sunday on IRC.

Under the Aegis of the MoD we will have an equal amount of supplies available for all fighters regardless of division.

The divisions themselves will however be split into channels to allow a better focusing of damage as in the small window we 'strike' our national efforts may be required across numerous battles in specific divisions.

The delay between stockpiling and the first strike will allow time for the MoD to organise and trial run the project with the 'official/national' MU.


and so ends the surprisingly unrevolutionary part of my campaign. In the remaining articles I'll be revealing where the real meat of the campaing lies - Domestics.

Till next time,


nathaner Day 1,892, 14:39

Good luck alfa 🙂

D I W Day 1,892, 14:43

Alfa 4 CP

JaFe Day 1,892, 14:59

it's getting srs - me likes

Jamie2721 Day 1,892, 17:04


Alfa on domestics will be more interesting though

Achilles Of Troy
Achilles Of Troy Day 1,892, 17:25

Good luck Alfa

GameChanger Day 1,892, 18:33

I like the balance of the foreign policy here

Fritz179 Day 1,892, 19:55

Alfa 4 CP

LongShotzZ Day 1,893, 23:01

Alfa 4 CP

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,893, 23:26

Should an make interesting election, looking forward to it.
Good luck.

jamesw Day 1,893, 03:35

It looks interesting, but if I may offer a slight revision to your MU - Firstly, why is it necessary to be UK based? All that will do is force MUs to either cut their supplies, or reduce the amount of people they supply. It very much seems like you're asking MUs to undo a lot of good work, for a gain which even if you take the biggest MU Legion, would see a net 'income' to the treasury of on average, perhaps £200 per day. I should also add the fact you want a PRIVATE group, which offers Supplies because the Government can't, to then pay taxes to the Government for the privilege of doing the work they can't, or won't, seems puzzling at best.

If it must happen, so be it, but I would like to see your wording changed slightly in the 'equal supplies bit' to '+ EQUAL Supplies must be available to any eUKer in the MU regardless of other political affiliations.' - It is all well and good having an MU say they will give supplies to anyone, but if the party they are aligned to also gives supplies, you are not treating people 'equally' - you are giving preferential treatment to the people who are in your party. It just isn't kosher imo to have any trace of that - people should be free to join parties based on what they want and believe, not join because the party wins the bidding war for their services.

Ullok Day 1,893, 07:56

+ In-game Commander(s) must be an eUKer and not a member of a political party.

So a political MU can be "national MU" so long as their Commander isn't "officially" a member of it?
Why should Commanders give up one one side of the game?
Why should we reduce supplies from a foreign based commune and the extra damage from more tanks, for a negligible increase in taxes? Especially as the eUK should be getting lots of damage for free.

However as they are not tied in to follow MoD commands, an official MU could fight against eUK interests should they so choose.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,893, 08:35

I thought this was going to be about your foreign adventures last time you helped Canada and France wipe the UK : P

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,893, 08:42

I'm joining the above in saying that the 'Commander must be British' rule isn't necessary, and actually damaging to the UK's military effectiveness.

It's MU commanders who obviously put the most investment into their MU in terms of developing companies for a supply infrastructure, and they often seek foreign citizenship - often Polish - for better manufacturing bonuses. This system is used in two of the largest units in the country - The Legion, and New Era's British Army unit, both of whom's commanders have taken Polish citizenship for manufacturing bonuses.

Forcing such a change would weaken these units, and the nation as a whole as a consequence.

Alphabethis Day 1,893, 09:52

I agree with jamesw, regretfully we need polish suppliers.

Carlini8 Day 1,893, 10:10

I guess I have never done anything good for the eUK due to my citizenship.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,893, 10:47

JamesW > "It looks interesting, but if I may offer a slight revision to your MU - Firstly, why is it necessary to be UK based?"

I haven't said anything about an MU's basing.

Are you referring to the commander issue or the deployment routine?

>"Commander being ePolish/eSerbian/e100%"

The 'Commander must be an eUKer gets dealt with furthur on in the campaign and why that specifically must be the case (though Ullok pretty much has it sussed). The actual basing of supply chains in foreign nations is not something I am campaigning against (much as I dislike it for taxation and communal reasons) as it would be an unenforceable policy and a restriction on freedom of movement.

Those MUs that have an ingame, foreign commander are free to continue doing so without any penalty or restriction against them.

It'd be up to those individuals or their units if they wanted a foreign commander, the commander to switch back to eUK (and potentially lose supplies) or if a 'proxy' commander takes over.

BigAnt Day 1,893, 11:38

Please dont drop the UK back into the alliance puppet role, we are worth more then that, yes we have taken some Alliance damage.

But we have given far more over the months and years.

War = Better activity, that's a fact. We have more fighters, can inflict more damage and our nation has gained more medals and gold in the last 2 months then i would say for majority of all last year.

Don't let us fall behind.

Spite313 Day 1,893, 11:39

Well actually I'm quite pleased by this article. Solid foreign policy all round. Like James said the fact the commander has to be British is silly, I guess they'll just appoint some random as commander to fulfil that requirement and keep the actual power with the person supplying.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,893, 11:43

Voted, some good solid foreign affairs, war and defense policies in this article well worth consideration.

looks good to me. The CTA system seems to be a joke.

Just to be annoying. Your spelling of favored ("My own favored nations ") should be favoured, Don't give into USA spelling!!

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,893, 12:14

And people wonder why government-controlled MU's always fail...

BigAnt Day 1,893, 13:07

@ Roz yeah last one failed due to money problems that was all, the actual function of BEF was kick arse

T White II
T White II Day 1,893, 14:02

Alfa 4 CP

jamesw Day 1,893, 18:18

By UK based, I meant the employment of those who work in the MUs companies, as that is the only logical reason I can see for you wanting them to retake UK citizenship (them being based abroad is not out of choice, its out of necessity)

If you're saying its not for the reason that you want them to pay UK taxes, then quite frankly you are mad to even suggest the idea, and I'd say its an absolute deal breaker that you'd be willing to force hundreds of people to re-apply to jobs, potentially miss days of supply, and then have to accommodate lower supply. I really don't understand how you would police this either: Lets say BA and Legion appoint new UK commanders to comply with your lunacy: you would punish them because they are commanders but not also suppliers?

Lunacy, lunacy, lunacy - apart from this point I'd actually say your manifestos are quite strong, but please reconsider this part. I also have noted you paid absolutely no attention to my second comment: relating to the fact that certain MUs are part of a 'favouritism for our own' system: would you care to comment?

Zonmei Day 1,893, 21:45

Agree with most but heartily disagree on your Official MU stance. That in itself isn't a deal breaker as long as congress gets to vote and not have it dictated every month by a different CP.

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Day 1,893, 22:33


WayneKerr Day 1,894, 02:19

I don't see what Legion are getting so uppity about a title for. Alfa has no say in any MU but his own. Should he strip Legion of there 'Official title all that will happen is they wont be official anymore. They will still operate in exactly the same way, as they are run under the 'private' MU model rather then a 'tax paid' MU model.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,894, 02:54

Jamesw > I'm not forcing MUs to do anything.

If they want the completly made-up 'official MU' title and the mention as such in MoD orders and a potential link in the welcoming message then they have the 3 options listed earlier;

1. Disregard
2. Foreign Commander becomes eUKer (and if he/she is a supplier then......disruption)
3. Appoint another commander either in succesion or (as Keers points out) as a proxy.

Zonmei > Congress has previously voted on the issue and they voted to put Legion back into the ranks along with every other MU/

However, Legions 'prize' was an award by the then CP (Talon) and BigAnt continued the tradition of making it a CP gift by ignoring that vote and as he controls the MoD, Welcoming message and other offical national media and orgs........there's nothing congress can do about that aside from impeachment.

As such I too would retain the right to offer/refuse this gift HOWEVER as I want to place a link in the welcoming message - congress can effectivly veto me by voting down that proposal.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,894, 03:03

BigAnt > I would remain commited to 'war with EDEN' and any neighbour in that alliance is liable for an attack upon it and therefore the war with our only EDEN neighbour Norway (and by possesion of the road - Netherlands) will continue until such time as Norway leaves that alliance.

Poland are obv. Allied and in TWO so we cannot go there.

The CoT nations of Ireland, USoA and Belgium are off limits and drains/TW are unwelcome whilst the battle in Macedonia rages besides which these wars would be boring, a crushing defeat and a diplomatic liability due to poor game mechanic understanding of the other side respectivly.

Only Canada remain after Norway and as they are tied in with Sweden we'd have to tread carefully with respect to TWO, ABC and our own Scandinavian lobby.

Boyde Day 1,894, 04:23

no vote ...IRC based playing to IRC prevalent no thanks

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,894, 04:54

One tiny niggle in a veritable sea of good sense, so no complaints from me on this. If you can stick on a diplomatic face and put all of this into practice it'll be a good FA month.

Domestics... Well we'll see on that later.

Madacaion Day 1,894, 05:26

Wayne: "They will still operate in exactly the same way, as they are run under the 'private' MU model rather then a 'tax paid' MU model"

Legion never has asked, received or demanded any tax. Currently they are a private MU which ensures political freedom, encourages activity and follows MoD orders. The official tag is the seal of approval and incentive to continue to do so or for other MU's to aspire to do so.

Alfa4CP - then he can at least choose which nation he wants to switch sides and tank against us halfway through a war!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,894, 07:26

Anyone can do that Madacaion (unless you have a record of every eUKers password so we stop them?)

WayneKerr Day 1,894, 07:53

The tag is, as Alfa points out, nothing more then a gift. Many MUs in the eUK do the exact same things you mention. Legion does not require the 'official' title to carry on doing those things. It can operate perfectly well without a made up title and some advertising space. As we found out last month, it's the CP that has the final say on which MU if any goes onto be official. At least Alfa has took the time to set ground rules and gave us his reasoning behind what constitutes an official MU. Rather then just forcing one upon us.

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,894, 08:25

Or you could start a new MU for government purposes... .anyway, best of luck to you Alfa.

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,894, 08:47

>>+ In-game Commander(s) must be an eUKer.

I read this as, "campaigning on actively removing the Legion as the Official MU would be a total vote-killer because most people recognize it as being a total success in its current form; so I'll try to influence Legion HQ to give up the Official status themselves".

Otherwise, I really don't understand why such a rule is needed. In fact, the notion of Alfa implementing policy on the basis that a non-eUker could fight against the UK...well, that's hilarious.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,894, 10:31

As it's already out of the bag elsewhere I'll directly answer that Ando.

>>>Commander must be an eUKer.

The commander will be the MoD for the eUK. Game mechanics won't let me nominate a non-eUKer for that slot.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,894, 10:36

If Carlini8/Legion want to come forward at this point in time and say "No thanks, we will not/do not want to meet these conditions should you become CP" then in effect one plank of the campaign becomes the removal of Legion as official MU (assuming the other runners are pro-Legion) by effect.

Wheter they choose to be 'in' or choose to be 'out', it is their choice to make.

Either way...............I'll respect their choice.

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