“Air squad” eRussian state project

Day 3,941, 17:49 Published in Russia Croatia by CrOmieIga

Aircraft battles introduced on Day 3165 provided an excellent opportunity for new players to compete in eRepublik wars with the old players. It was (and it is) a matter of importance for national communities and their governments to involve the new players in a quick learning of the basic principles of aircraft battles as well as in a quick improvement of their aircraft-ranks. The eRussian “Air Squad” project was started almost 2 years ago [1] in order to address these issues.

1. How this project works.

The basic principle of this project is the financial and reputational encouragement of player’s progress when they improve their aircraft-ranks. All participants are divided in two groups:

- The “Beginners Squad” for the players whose aircraft rank isn’t higher than #41 CMS***. Since those players can’t make noticeable damage in the aircraft battles, the main task for them is to reach #41 CMS*** rank as soon as possible. New players test different schemes of fighting and collecting awards from “Weekly challenge” board under the supervisor’s control. Thus they learn how to boost regeneration of energy and fight effectively.

- The “Strike Squad” for the experienced players whose aircraft rank is higher than #41 CMS***. Since those players can make noticeable damage in the aircraft battles, they are obligated to perform joint strikes in accordance with MoD orders.

We developed Advanced Monitoring System (AMS) [2] based on the independent (out-of-game) platform that allows us to track each player progress and to estimate his “effectiveness” in terms of energy units spent in aircraft battles and gained rank-points. The effectiveness of every player is automatically calculated from the collected stats over a period of one week using special protocol certified by the eRussian Congress (see the details in Ref. [3]) and financially awarded by the eRussian Government.

We also developed Telegram-based bot that can quickly provide on request all the collected stats as well as the calculated effectiveness for every player registered in the project. It is quite useful tool when the supervisor discusses the progress of a particular player in the telegram based group organized for participants of the eRussian “Air Squad” project. Such discussions help supervisors to educate the new players and integrate them into the eRussian community.

Every week for almost two years Supreme Commander of the eRussian “Air Squad” publishes an article presenting joint stats for every participant over one week as well as a list of their financial awards calculated by AMS. Thus all the financial transactions are proved by stats and publicly presented in the official “Air Squad” newspaper [4] by the Supreme Commander.

2. Results of the “Air Squad” project.

We have 105 active participants of the “Air Squad” project in this week and more than 200 participants over the last two years. eRussia was ranked about 16-19 place in the weekly top of damage among the eRepublik countries before the aircraft-battles were introduced. After almost two years of operation of the “Air Squad” project, eRussia is among of the Top-15 countries by its aircraft damage in a farming mode while we can hit the Top-5 in a war mode. eRussian joint strikes in aircraft battles are famous in the international eRepublik community for its particular effectiveness.

For example we are on the 8th place today on the Weekly Leaderboards due to the flights launched for our allies.

The latest month report [6] is showing the results of the farming mode (last week is missing) while the next report prepared would present the war mode of the "Air Squad".

3. Intake conditions

Recruitment of new members is permanently opened for d1,d2,d4 fighters with eRussian CS. We don’t intake d3 fighters with high strength as well as tank-rank since it would be better keep you on the ground. Please, get yourself through the “Air Squad” pilot's guide [5] and contact Supreme Commander Simust2 to get any further instructions.

4. Request of financial support

We believe that eRussian “Air Squad” project perfectly fits to the criteria announced for 1000 gold/month Grants issued by Plato Foundation for continuous work on projects that adhere to the foundation mission. The money is supposed to be spent on the awards for the “Beginners Squad” that consists of 40 members. An approximate award is 6.25 gold per participant on average that is 6.25*40=250 gold per week for all members of the “Beginners Squad” or 1000 gold per month.

5. Future improvements

In order to indroduce more precise estimate of the "Air Squad" project's effect on the community we are planning to take into the account the dynamics of the players activity. With the help of thorough analysis the Supreme Commander of the eRussian “Air Squad” could easier discover any problems that the players encounter.

Secondly we are thinking of implementing an additional rewards system to increase the motivation and encourage the competitive spirit.


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