[Air Estonia Project] #2 week statistics ✈️🇪🇪

Day 3,969, 07:05 Published in Estonia Estonia by Mixliarder

Hello eEstonians,

Air Estonia project has gathered 24 participants last week. This week's grant is sponsored by Plato Foundation.
I have increased currency (EEK) per kill from 4 to 5 cc like in 1st week.
I have added additional bonuses for 7 Daily Orders completed (1k EEK) + any Sky Hero achieved (2k EEK), not only 1st, 2nd or 3rd (these are 5k EEK).

Here are the results (image below).



Current participants will be automatically transferred. If someone new would like to apply, please write "apply" / "osalen" in comment section.

If any of you have got Sky Hero or Rank Increase, and it's not in the table, contact me.

Best regards,
President of eEstonia

Kivipallur1907 has achieved Aviator ***** last week, 600 EEK sent.