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[AIM] Congressional elections

Day 1,832, 12:40 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Trogdorthetroll100

Welcome to the AIM's list of candidates for congress. It is going to be a close race, and I encourage you to vote AIM!

Candidates (in alphabetical order):


No congress for us. So much for that. Hopefully soon. And stuff.



Asmadi Day 1,832, 12:44

Anti-Congress Movement

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,832, 12:47

Asmadi that made me laugh xD Quick thinking 😕

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Day 1,832, 13:54


AIM in my heart, congress in the future.. i hope soon, and without multies!

Hunter4Life123 Day 1,832, 14:04

"congress in the future.. i hope soon, and without multies!" x2

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,832, 18:45

dunno really. doesn't no-congress to thwart multies reward their jerkhead behaviour? for as heavy-handed as admins can get, why ... oh never mind.

Rican Day 1,832, 21:35

good one troggy....
and btw... those new banners look great !!!!!

Cronoss Day 1,833, 23:27

Anti-Congress Movement x 2

Soon, Switzerland will be in better hands. You sold the country and yuou`ll pay for that..arrangements are made as we speak ; )

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,833, 15:06

I only made this because I wanted to use these pictures. Jeez Cronoss, chill out.

Rican Day 1,833, 22:34

ignore multi-speak

Cronoss Day 1,834, 23:28

Some of you should learn to use your brain, including the one above me.

This is so funny : x

Rican Day 1,834, 12:38

Cronoss... you are so boring it's pitiful.

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