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[ADVERTISEMENT] Philippines for the Filipinos

Day 730, 00:59 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II


Celebrating the 9th month of the party's existence, I would like to invite everyone to join the oldest of all the existing political parties in the Philippines today. We may be at the brink of extinction but we know that we, as a party, will still prevail!

We have been into our glorious peaks and failures, but we had survived the challenges of the Philippine Politics. Our rich history will never end. Help us to continue the party's work for justice, freedom, and equality. Join Philippines for the Filipinos!

Prince Terence II
PFF Party President

© Copyright September-November 2009.

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Anarchist Day 730, 01:53

I see you changed the party to "Libertarian" rather than "Anarchist".

Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 730, 03:46


romansoldier Day 730, 03:50

Welcome back 🙂

Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 730, 03:55

Thanks for welcoming me back. I was just so kinda busy with my nursing life: academics, psychiatric client to care for (for 2 weeks!), quizzes!... *sigh*

romansoldier Day 730, 04:02

wow, sounds like a lot of work =o, hope u did great=p

EZEX Lacroa
EZEX Lacroa Day 730, 04:13



mine's going a year now...

3 days after the Philippines' creation...

oh, the FPM and the KMP are the oldest... a day before my party...


Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 730, 05:51

Well, somehow it (the psychia experience) ended well. My patient was cooperative even though he was psychotic. Quizzes were okay... n_n

joshjoson Day 731, 15:45



nice comment...


kadayao Day 732, 23:03

voted!!! 😃

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