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Day 659, 12:54 Published in Canada Canada by Alaricus
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So it seems our American friends to the south are gaining mass amounts of land from Russia daily. This is definitely good news, and we Canadians have helped immensely in that effort. Just yesterday 2 days ago I was in Russia, helping with the RW in Kansas, I am glad to say it was success, and the Americans reclaimed Kansas, along with many other states in the last few days. Hail Eden!

It is a bit disheartening to come to a full stop at quebec, and though we have continued with our blocking attempts, to help our American Allies, our own battles for our provinces have not been successful. The Hungarians are the strongest of Peace, and we will need our Allies aid in the future battles for Canada.

it is of my opinion, that the nations of Peace GC have become Hungary's personal army. Many of the Peace Nations have been pushed around, and neglected by Hungary. UK, France, Japan, Russia and many more. Not to mention all the Nations who were bullied into Peace GC, for fear of being taken over. Nations like Bolivia. Yet they continue to follow orders, and act like everything is all good. But the cracks are showing widely.

Although it looks like PEACE is in Pieces, Hungary will not go down without a fight. They will not falter like UK and France. The bulk of there land is in Canada, and they have one of a few high diamond regions under there control. But I am confident, if Eden as a whole helps us in due time, we will be able to defeat these fear mongering people.

As we look at the Russian situation, it does not look good. When I was there, I translated many articles, and the government is trying to downplay there disastrous loss in America. It makes me think back to the Treaty the Americans tried to negotiate, and how Russia spat in Emerick's face. How the Hungarians and Indonesians did nothing and let the Dirty Russians Rampage, all the way to florida. Little did they know then, that that they would be pushed back. Portugal was the smart one, got some gold out of the deal, and did not get humiliated.

Now the Americans have a new threat, the Colombians. I can hardly believe a country like that would stand up and fight for Peace GC, but so be it.

The Allies just need to hang on to the situation. Force the invaders out, and start looking to rebuild.

Stay Strong Canadians,
Alaricus Out.