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#34: Svizzera italiana

Day 1,762, 14:39 Published in Switzerland Hungary by vasmegye

Now I must find a new idea how to start the new article. Oh, this problem is over, the article has started. Great. So I would like to write about my crazy travel project, but I am lack of mind to say that I was in 10 European and 2 American regions, and yeah, once I forgot making the screenshot, and had to go back Oaxaca for 10 minutes. Great. Order, pics, et cetera.

Now the newsflash part. Now I have 33 opened articles in my firefox, I don't want to destroy my readers with all of them, so lets choose.
First two. Poland vs Macedonia. Two of Swiss allies, and they have even cold war. EVEN.
3 and 9. aVie's crazy stuffs.
4 and 5. Ariakis and overk. Former presidents,Central Europeans, EDEN Affiliated, about America. Nuff said.
11 and 32. Belgium and CoT. Two opinions.
15 and 25: Asian problems with decreasing population and acronyms.
16 and 17: The whole Norwegian media from the last 2 days.
19 and 20: Serbs? Turks? Pick random country. If it is Japan, you won.
21-23: Irish things. Malbekh have a trouble with lvl 37. Poor man. And Terrible joke.
24, 26-28: Our former neighbor, Germark is far far north from us. And it has great ambadassors. And they fight with Lithuania. And they are happy and strong together. And.. meh, no more "and", the last is an interview with Germans.
Oh I forget 13: British MoFA wrote also a great report.
29: Canada in CoT?
And last: Lynari joined the Swiss community. Again. Hooray!

And the links?

I am sleepy and tired, because I watched some motor racing last night (oh what a crazy race in Fontana), and I need some sleeping hours. But I must fix it , without links it's a mess. Lets begin.

Links are done. Now fix the pic problem.

Screenshots in the pack. Google some Lugano things. Sorry I am not a real life Swiss.

OK, it is wonderful. Next?

BB Codes. Damn. Go away.

Now login at The site has thrown me out. First attempt: fail. Second: epic win. I logged in.

Now lets publish this article. My newspaper, write article, copypaste text, click preview to check failures. It seems, that the article hasn't got fails. Copypaste title. Choose category: Social interactions and entertainment. Click Publish.

Yeah, I have success: . Hooray, now click edit, and write this and the previous sentence here.

Houston, I have a problem: The article is too long. My readers will kill me.




Second edit: Realize, that no one opened the article during the first edit.

Third edit: Same case during the second edit.

Fourth edit: 7 minutes and nothing. I need shouting.

Fifth edit: Shout: done. Lets see the effects. Or go to bed.

Sixth edit: 12 minutes and still nothing. Disappointing. Edit and logout.


Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Day 1,762, 14:58


Rican Day 1,762, 17:10

Vasmege is our eWindow unto the eWorld
Thank you

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,762, 19:06

I approve.

hundaob Day 1,762, 22:33

Vote and Sub! And SHOUT too!

bowen199 Day 1,762, 23:51


sorihun Day 1,763, 00:19


Lynari Day 1,763, 00:58

"Now I must find a new idea how to start the new article. Oh, this problem is over, the article has started."


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,764, 13:39

Well done!

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