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【國防軍令3089 00:15】只打起義

Day 3,090, 00:33 Published in China China by Ministry of SinoDefence

在所有起義輸出!!! Tibet->Hainan->Xinjiang, 請幫EC打!!
保保、塞浦路斯、菲菲正面場禁止輸出 (他們要贏)!!
有餘體可幫EC在小巴內蒙正面場打, NK 稍後正面場EC需要守+贏!





第四軍令: 訓練戰序章,協助塞浦路斯空降EC,禁止在中方輸出

請猛擊我 (未開場)

English version :

China is going to conduct several training wars with 4 to 5 countries in core and neighbouring regions. Please strictly follow the MOD orders so that we can run everything smoothly.

Prio. 1 Fight for China Against Bulgaria in Tibet RW Front!! o7

[/url]Press me

Prio.2 Fight for China Against Philippines in Hainan RW Front!! o7

Press me

Prio. 3 Fight for China Against Pakistan in Xinjiang RW Front!! o7

Press me

Prio. 4 Help Cyprus to land in Guizhou, DONT FIGHT FOR CHINA!!



Cosworth 99
Cosworth 99 Day 3,098, 09:11


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