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【國防軍令3086 01:45】解放北泡

Day 3,086, 01:56 Published in China China by Ministry of SinoDefence


第一軍令:解放北泡兩缸, 幫NK輸出



China is going to conduct several training wars with 4 to 5 countries in core and neighbouring regions (details will be announced in Kris Tine's newspaper soon). Please strictly follow the MOD orders so that we can run everything smoothly.

English version :

Prio.1 Fight for North Korea Against China in Ryanggang RW!! o7

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Flashmansai Day 3,086, 01:59

V 好大一波女兵

zuravlev46 Day 3,086, 02:44

Слушаюсь и повинуюсь.
Северная Корея+Китай+ Россия= друзья.

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