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[2nd Int. eRep meet] Finns in Romania

Day 1,707, 12:17 Published in China China by Petsku

I had thought about visiting Romania for a couple of years already. I was in Budapest last year, on the first international eRep meeting. We had lots of fun and when it was sure that Romania would be the next host country, I was quite excited. I’ve been blessed with a lot of eRomanian friends and therefore it was natural for me to plan a longer trip. With help from alpho and Sunsetter, we got it arranged.

So.. this is my story. A story of what happens when three Finns try to conquer Romania in real life: Me, avec and Squirrel. A true story. The article is LONG and it has TONS of pictures, so you’d better reserve some time for this. Most of the pics are mine, but I borrowed a few from avec, alzena, Sunny, Xul0 and ion voda. Thx guys!

Friday-Saturday 29.-30.6.

We started our trip on Friday evening from the airport of Helsinki. We flew via Warsaw, Poland and immediately spotted some cool vodka bottles we HAVE TO buy on our way back. The flights went well and we landed to Bucharest around 1: 30. We had a nice reception at the airport, as alpho, Sunsetter, endotear, Mesther and MermaidPrincess were there to meet us. So sweet!

From the airport we went to Sunsetter’s apartment, opened up TV and some beers.. What else would you do?

Gotta love Romanian TV!

Everyone are so excited!

After some fappy fapping, we went to bed. 3 Finns in one bed.. can’t get better than that.

Saturday-Sunday 30.6.-1.7.

As soon as we had recovered from the long and intense night (as I said, 3 Finns in one bed), we left to do some shopping and toured around the city a bit. Soon we ended up sitting in a terrace, drinking beer and mojitos. There was a cute bartender who managed to surpass the level of cuteness our special guest, Mihail Cazacu, possessed. Wicked!

Oldfag EDEN HQ, everyone looking at different directions.. Kinda funny since the same goes for our in-game stuff too!

When going to prepare for tonight’s meeting, we saw that the police was prepping for the gay parade. avec got excited for a minute, but sadly we had to disappoint him by reminding about our tight schedules. On our trip we also ran into a wedding party, which was held on a street. The music was loud and everyone seemed to be having fun. That’s the spirit! Too bad I didn’t have time to steal the bride.. It would’ve been funny to see a bunch of gypsies trying to negotiate with a Finn, with no common language. If I had pointed at the cute bridesmaid, would they have understood what I want? 😉

The official pre-meeting took place in Fabrica, Bucharest

Sunsetter had arranged a nice pre-meeting in Bucharest. We Finns were kinda like special quests there. Neat! There were a lot of people so I won’t even try to list everyone. There were also a lot of people from the best MU ever, Soimii Patriei! Fâl fâl fâl!


Too much cuteness in this picture. No idea what peach is doing..

She’s great with babies. Trust me, I’ve been there. Heck, I still am. Lucky me! 😮

Male bonding

Bathroom bonding

After having some awesome (bonding) time at Fabrica, we wanted to go and sing some karaoke. And we sure did!

peach and a peach drink! Both of them are so yummy! (wait, did I just say that out loud?)

Surprise buttsex

More butt action and others having loads of fun too

The karaoke was fun but it was getting late and the performances were very much affected by the amount of alcohol we had enjoyed. What better way to continue the evening than to go clubbing? In Finland we’re used to the fact that we basically have to go home (your own or someone else’s) at 3: 30 because the clubs aren’t allowed to keep their doors open after that. That’s not the case in Romania so we went to do some clubbing and continued until 6am.

Abab was (hopefully) sober enough to drive endo home. She’s either terrified or so happy that she’s crying.

Sunday 1.7.

In the morning (morning being something like 2pm) everyone was still quite tired. On a side note, the other 2 Finns never came to karaoke or clubbing so they managed to go to bed around midnight. What is this.. We didn’t come here to sleep, did we?? Luckily, we didn’t have that many plans for today so we could just hang out at the apartment and eat the superb pancakes Sunny made. In your face, Mesther! Later in the evening we headed to a local ‘outdoorsy bar thingie’ to see the Euro 2012 final between Italy and Spain.

Finns checking out the pictures to see what they missed

We had a nice group at the bar – this time I can maybe even list all the names! Squirrel, avec, Sunsetter, alpho, peach, Crista, Mesther, endotear, MermaidPrincess, Calutzu, Abab.. Did I miss anyone?

Spain won justifiably and I surprised myself for not caring that much

Monday 2.7.

On Monday morning we had agreed to visit the eRep labs. We (or at least I) had all kinds of cool sabotage plans!

Step 1: Make admins eat Finnish candy, salmiakki. Obviously a failure since she seems to be enjoying it.

We did all kind of stuff there. XtaSia got her ass kicked on Foosball (never forget) and Adi got trolled with the events of Budapest. Ping-pong, drinking/smoking on terrace, talking crap.. The rumors are true, the admins don’t work, they just roll in the money and have fun. Aside from the free gold, they also let us know every change they will make in the next 6 months. Pay 50g to my account now and I’ll share the PDF! (just kidding, please don’t ban me, oh almighty Plato!)

Sunny was the only one who didn’t get free gold from the admins. She’s sad, as you can see.

It was a nice visit, even though my plan to crash the servers didn’t go as planned. I’m pretty sure my eR account will be banned soon, as I logged in from Crista’s computer and trolled on XtaSia’s IRC account. A cunning move to tell about it here, btw!

After leaving the office, we were planning to do some sightseeing.

Some supposedly big building. We tried to get in but the eRomanian government had some emergency meeting. The police officers didn’t know what EDEN is and they had never heard of us, EDEN’s former commanders. How uncivilized! I blame the poor educational system..

After doing some sports (pedalo action on some polluted water thingie), we were thirsty and decided to get some beers, drinks and stuff. Yum! Unlike in Finland, I could actually drink beer in Romania. Weird.. Later on we did some chillaxing at Sunny’s apartment and in the evening we left to the train station. Our target was Caransebes (I pronounce it orally very well!) and it took around 8.5 hours. The most painful train trip I’ve ever had. I didn’t really get any sleep (maybe 30min or so) and the internet connection was crap. No headphones, just the clankity-clank from the railroad. Argh!

Tuesday 3.7.

Our train arrived to Caransebes around 7am. We headed to alpho’s parents’ house. After some sleeping, we obviously started boozing. That’s the only way! Our plan was to make this awesome BBQ, and that we did! Or well, the Romanians did. We pretty much watched them do their magic while drinking and.. stuff..

Romanian home-made booze with a ladder in it. Creative!

For some reason, alpho’s dad wanted us (or at least avec) to show off his super osom gym skills! After 30 minutes of whining about not going to the gym in the last 6 months, he did it!

This didn’t go as planned, though.. Baby to the rescue!

Food time!

Spot the drunkard Finns

The evening was very nice. Once again the other 2 Finns went to bed a bit earlier, while we stayed up later. We had some champagne to celebrate some important occasions, which I’ve now successfully forgot. Birthday of someone who wasn’t there, I think.. ;_;

Wednesday 4.7.

After breakfast, we headed out to do some sightseeing! We visited some Roman era ruins or whatever.. Then we went to see some mountains and stuff. It was cool! But hot. Well, mainly hot.

This is where gypsies get material for their houses

Dogs having fun with each other.. We should take example and stop being so darn shy, boring and ethical!

Gypsies had drank all the water so we couldn’t go swimming. 🙁

Having seen all kinds of stuff, it was time for us to move on to Timisoara. Our train was delayed a lot but it finally left around 23.30. After an hour or two, we were there. Sunny was being herself, cooking heavy dinners and stuff.. Oh the hospitality! 😒

Thursday 5.7.

After a well slept night, Sunny’s friend dsalageanu picked us up and took us to the centrum. It was beautiful but since the temperature was quite high, we figured it might be a good idea to go and get some alcohol to our blood! We found a nice ‘outdoorsy bar thingie’ and we stayed there for a couple of hours.

Nothing makes a man happier than a beer! For Finns it’s vodka but we tried to pretend that everything’s ok. Not like we’d be men anyway.. but that’s another story!

We weren’t drinking all the time, you know.. At times you just have to pass out on beautiful bushes! 😉

After beers, we went to eat some shaorma. It made baby full and fat in 2 minutes.

Our tummies being full, we had the energy to visit the ATU bar, which was planned to be the place for the international meeting. After some drinks and negotiation, everything was set. It was time to move on and tour around the city some more. Eventually we found ourselves in another ‘outdoorsy bar thingie’ (trademark pending), right at the centrum of the city. It was super nice and we spent the whole night there with some special guests.

In Romania, beer is the best therapy!

I had a birthday and the guys bought me a cake, pacifier and a BabyBottle!! *_*

Therapy for Baby

I asked something special from the cute bartender! 😁 I’m pretty sure she was Christina or something.. if you know her, tell her I said hi! A phone number would be cool too, I think I lost her business card..

Later that night I picked up the Greeks with alpho and pretty soon after that we went to bed. Tomorrow shall be a loooong day! BTW, this was my first BD abroad! Hopefully not the last one. Maybe I should escape the cold and depressing Finland every year! 🙂

Friday 6.7.

I chose to wake up early today (something like 7.30!) and go with alpho to meet the admin gang at the train station. After they got their luggage to the hostel or whatever, we went to eat some breakfast. After feeling fat again, I went to see some Romanian car maintenance action with alpho, as he had problems with his car’s AC. Luckily we got it fixed and went to ATU bar for a drink.. or two.. or three… Blah, who actually counts?

Romanians were eating. Crazy people!

After (mentally) preparing for the first day of the international meeting, we picked up the ‘Spanish spies’ (aaladin & Xul0) from their hotel and headed back to ATU.

The “this night will be so fking epic” look

People coming one by one. Spot the FARt!

Therapy beer, pacifier and BabyBottle(TM) full of Finnish home-made booze (vodka mixed with candy).. Yumm!

So now you finally know.. I’m a girl! A proud Falconette! The guy tried to cover up my name, though. Grr!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers – Soimii Patriei

People are still (too) sober

This was supposed to be a paid Shaorma ad, but some friking lampile is in the way. Grr! Mars de aici!!

M_Bogdan tried to compete with his assets. Needless to say that he lost.

A medic and his first (happy) victim. True story.

Shadowman enjoying himself too much. Get drunk and fall under the table already!

Happy birthday, drinkeru!

We got hungry and ate some.. stuff.. Groovey had some groovy moves, as always.

Milotin is getting his tongue burned by an angry Falcon

She was giving the roses to me, but I insisted she’d pose with them first, so that I could claim I gave them to her. A cunning plan, which I kinda screwed up by telling about it now.. Damn me and my honesty!

2 Finns enjoying each other’s company. It’s adorable, wrong and gay at the same time.

Soimii Patriei, shalalalala! I love you, guys!

A very cool picture, taken by Gr3Ed, I think..

People are ready to go

After the meet, we decided to go CLUBBING! We had tons of fun dancing and drinking. There are more clubbing pics for the next day, so I chose to keep this short.

A break from partying to gain some energy

I think I was the last one to leave the club with alpho and aaladin.. It was like 7am or something.

Saturday 7.7.

I don’t know when I woke up.. What I do know is that I had no voice at all. I tried to chat with the other 2 Finns about the previous night but I could only whisper. Seems that I shouted and sang too much ‘Soimii Patriei, shalalala’… After chatting with my private nurse (a cute one), I decided to play Master Chef with avec and make some ‘egg thingie’ with sugar and drink it raw. Later on I also drank some tea and eventually my voice was coming back. It wasn’t strong but I could actually say something. Yay!

After some sightseeing we went back to ATU. People were coming in pretty slowly today, so the atmosphere was pretty chilly at first.

Early birds chatting

For Finns it’s never too early to drink some tequila! I’m half Romanian and that was my excuse to skip it.

Le gay way of drinking Timisoreana

With friends like this, who needs….. girls?

Well, this guy apparently needed to borrow one. Sorry Bogdan!

eFrench government knows how to keep its citizens happy

Things are getting blurry.. On the front you can see one of the bartenders. He didn’t like salmiakki. That equals a fag.

The gay couple on their way to the bathroom. Together. Or then they are getting married, who knows.

After the ‘formal’ part, we headed to the club again!

These guys were too cool to dance

Some devil offered shots. Was it you, ilphen??

These guys are too awesome for girls

Too little booze on the table. What’s wrong with you?


Happy Falcons


Crazy partying!

I’m not sure when I left the club but, once again, it was very late. I don’t think anyone stayed later than I did.

Sunday 8.7.

After a wonderful night (more like morning), it was time for us to prepare to leave Timisoara. But first we had to visit ATU once more! Since not all arrived to the club last night, I bet some never even left ATU.. Hah, nice dedication!

People solving their problems, mainly hangovers..

Our train from Timisoara to Bucharest left around 14:00. As Finns we were very lucky to group up with the ‘admin gang’. It’s always better to travel in a group! Less likely to get robbed, raped, killed and stuff.

Sad goodbyes..

The Romanian way to travel on a train..

.. and the Finnish way

Maybe it wasn’t a train, maybe it was a boat..? (/Babythinking)

A border to Serbia. Draw your weapons!

Overall, the train ride wasn’t actually that bad. Others might disagree but at least I had fun. Sure, it was hot as hell when the AC got broken.. but other than that, it was ok. Good company always makes experiences a whole lot better. So thanks to everyone who were there! 🙂

We arrived to Bucharest around 1am. Mesther took us to endotear’s uni campus thingie. She had kindly arranged us a room there for the night. After getting some food (endo once again picked me a pizza with olives.. she be mean!) and after telling some super bad jokes in a dark, sweaty room, we slept pretty nicely. Or at least I did.

Monday 9.9.

After a hot night (3 Finns in one room always equals some hot action), it was time to prepare our departure from Romania. With endotear’s kind help we managed to do our check-in online and save some time. Then we went to some mall to eat breakfast before the flight.

At this point I’m crying like a baby. Not only because of her intolerably agonizing company, but also because I knew that these are my last hours in Adminlandia. 😘(

avec buying make-up. Like a true Falc…Fag!

He’s so happy about himself.

Bellies being full of Romanian junk food, it was time for sad goodbyes at the airport. Long hugs and hopefully valid promises from endo, however, kept the tears from bursting out. A bit later I got phone calls from Sunsetter and Crista and then it really hit me: we’re leaving and no one knows when we’ll see each other again.. ;_; I’m soo gonna miss you!

Our flight, once again, went via Loland and it was time to fill the empty space of our bags with cheap-ish alcohol. We arrived to Helsinki around 19: 30. Squirrel didn’t get his suitcase (thanks a lot, Poles!) but other than that, everything went smoothly.

endotear gave an envelope which had a card.. 😮

The best birthday card I’ve ever received! *_* It had paper pics from the Bucharest meeting with cute stuff written behind them. Thank you so much, dear! 😘*

The aftermath

To sum it up, the trip was full of awesomeness. I feel privileged that people took us to their lives and homes with open arms. People in Romania are very sweet and kind. The hospitality was something I never could’ve imagined. We owe you guys so much!

I also want to thank everyone who came to the meetings! Thank you people who came from abroad, as we did. Special thanks to Greece who made sure we don’t have to host anything official in Finland. It was nice to see every single one of you and I’m sure our paths will cross again one day.. While waiting for that to happen, I have a few special messages for some special people! I suck at expressing myself but hopefully you’ll get the point and not hate me for the rest of your lives..

alpho: Bro, what can I say.. You’ve prolly been the most important person in my whole eLife. You’ve never let me down and didn’t do so on this trip either. We had fun in Budapest but this was even a better experience.. Full and throughout overview of what Romania is. It was a privilege to meet your family and stay at their place for a few nights. You pushed me forward when needed, complained about the awkward silent moments and so on. You gave us so much; I hope we’ll be able to give at least some of it back to you one day. I think you understand Finns and our mentality a bit better after this trip. I could dedicate a whole article for you and your awesomeness, but I’ll sum up by saying this: I love you bro, thanks for everything and I hope we’ll see each other again soon!

chandra (& Bogdan Adamutz): Thanks for letting me dance with your boyfriend! 😃 I just had to say that.. But yeah, you’re such a cute couple; I hope we’ll see each other again soon! 🙂

Crista: Sweet mom of mine! My words can never do justice.. but here goes nothing! You’re the most Enchantingly Adorable, Soothing, Sweet, Lovely, Cute and Warm person ever! You have a rare gift of making me feel comfortable and secure, no matter where we are. Be yourself and never change. See you soon! ;p Te iubesc, draga! 😘

endotear: You be crazy! Thank you so much for everything, dear.. You were very sweet and kind, being there for me even when you weren’t literally there. Before, during and after the trip. Even with the exam coming.. Btw, congrats once again for the grade, you be osom too! And thanks to you, I could actually speak a little on the 2nd meet day in Timisoara. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Don’t forget that you’re more than welcome to visit me any time and get a closer look at that ass you clearly had an obsession with. 😉 Pusi!

Finns (avec & Squirrel): My fellow tourists in a country that’s one of the most random ones to pick for holiday. I think you agree with most I’ve written so far.. The trip was awesome and I was very happy to do it with you guys. You made Baby Finn feel ok: if I would have travelled alone, I’m sure I would’ve stressed my ass off at the airports. I’ll never forget some of the (incredibly kinky) jokes and quips. Thank you both, let’s do it again next year! And then.. no one goes to bed early!

Gregus: It was awesome to see that you haven’t changed in one year! You’re always smiling, so positive and polite. We still owe you a lot and hopefully we can compensate it if you’d come to Finland one day.. Oh and I still have some Hungarian mordor money for you, come and get it man!

Kebab / Abab: I would’ve loved to chat with you more than we had a chance to. That basically means that we’ll have to meet again! And when we’ll meet, I’ll hop on your motorcycle and we’ll ride to the sunset. Riiight? 🙂

MermaidPrincess: I’m surprised you found the will and the energy to hang out with us pretty much everywhere. It was nice to meet you! Oh, and thanks for the BabyBottle(TM) and pacifier - they are brilliant! Cyaaa.

Mesther: It was nice to finally see (and touch) the perv guy in nature. You’re a bit too smart for us.. so next time try drinking 2 bottles of vodka on breakfast. Oh, and don’t forget to cut your beard! You’re making us look like babies! Oh wait, I am one… 😒

peach: The pinkiest of them all! You’re very sweet and I hope you can maintain that inner pinkness for your whole life. I accepted your bro request, so I’m afraid you’ll have to see me again. Next time we’ll meet, less boob touching and more ass grabbing, ok? Or both.. hmm..

Stelu & Fremenul: For white guys, you’re pretty fly! Thanks for the gay moments. With you, I had the most pleasant bathroom time ever! xoxo

Sunsetter: THE BEST HOST EVER! I can’t describe how thankful we are for everything you did for us. We could’ve never asked for it, we’re Finns after all. You opened up your homes for us and made our lives very comfortable. You’re a super sweet person and I wish you all the best. I’m sure we’ll meet again, as I’m already missing you lots!

XtaSia: It was very nice to meet you. I love people who smile and are sweet, no matter what. Oh and blondie, I also have to remind you that I wet my pants TWICE because of you! That’s something you can put to your CV, as it’s very rare. Anyway, I’ll have my vengeance one day, right? 😉

Xul0 & aaladin: Besen mi culo, amigos! 🙂 Cool that you came from Spain, I’ll pay you a visit one day.

With love and a bit of sorrow,

aka Baby Finn



Petsku Day 1,707, 12:18

First denied. Thanks for an awesome experience!!

Also, thanks elbandido for help with the img urls.. : )

Matracuca Day 1,707, 12:19

hail baby finn!

radens Day 1,707, 12:23

o7 Winland

Squirrel Day 1,707, 12:26

Aww, I almost feel bad for not making an article myself. Thanks a lot for the trip once more, everybody. And hell yes, let's do it again next year!

elbandido Day 1,707, 12:28

yw Petsku ...fâl fâl fâl


avec Day 1,707, 12:30

Just saying, Romania is a nice country. A bit too hot for me but it has all the commodities of a civilized country. Just the outlook is a bit ragged. People were friendly and nobody tried to steal anything from me or even sell a fake Rolex. I don't regret going there at all, quite the contrary. Thanks to our hosts, I'll pay it back sometime!

Sunsetter Day 1,707, 12:31

Miss you guys!
I loved having you here :😁

turturica Day 1,707, 12:34

\o/ 🙂

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,707, 12:37


M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,707, 12:38

see u next year in greece:D

The BIack
The BIack Day 1,707, 12:39


Atsalenia Day 1,707, 12:41


MermaidPrincess Day 1,707, 12:43

Cya, baby Finn 🙂, squirrel, avec 🙂.

alzena Day 1,707, 12:45

it was really nice to meet you all > : D < : ***

MonsterX555 Day 1,707, 12:48

"This is where gypsies get material for their houses"
"Gypsies had drank all the water so we couldn’t go swimming"
Are those supposed to be jokes?

Iulian.xxl Day 1,707, 12:52

petsku- big vote from me
nice party
nice vodka - nice girls

Old Bilbao
Old Bilbao Day 1,707, 12:53

Great article. Big Vote


rumburack Day 1,707, 12:53


Shadowman Fza
Shadowman Fza Day 1,707, 12:56

Let`s just hope Greece will put us all together again and many more. Nice meeting and talking with you.

Stelu Day 1,707, 13:05

😃 we had some nice bonding 😃 didn't we 😛

AAladin Day 1,707, 13:07

Cya gays ,,,hope to meet u again next year in Greece.

pokstasq Day 1,707, 13:14

nice trip and great article 😉


Oblige Day 1,707, 13:19


Vlad Sabau
Vlad Sabau Day 1,707, 13:29

great article ! cya : D

W.A.R Day 1,707, 13:29

\o/ next year, pants down baby

evilgod Day 1,707, 13:30

great article! o7

xul0 Day 1,707, 13:31

i had a great time with you guys it was nice meeting you. petsku: besa mi culo cabron!

FrutekXXX Day 1,707, 13:32

great article

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,707, 13:36


thaddaus Day 1,707, 13:40

nice, very nice!

Alex Milotin
Alex Milotin Day 1,707, 13:40

Nuffin about me ? 🙁(

oboj Day 1,707, 13:45

well done!

Dzoniy91 Day 1,707, 13:48

A border to Serbia. Draw your weapons! xD \o/


Back2black Day 1,707, 13:51

you're great, bro! : )

Jul1C4SH Day 1,707, 13:59

not sure, if an erep-meeting
or the outing of konrad neumann

WayMilky Day 1,707, 14:03


fairgr Day 1,707, 14:08


BadMail Day 1,707, 14:12


santirub Day 1,707, 14:24

Very nice pics !! : D

Bolorg Brat Bole
Bolorg Brat Bole Day 1,707, 14:25

bravado votado

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,707, 14:34

I'm sorry I couldn't be there at least a week to spent more time with you all, but we change that next year in Greece I hope \o/

zeusdinolimp Day 1,707, 14:34


Geck0 Day 1,707, 14:39


pista2 Day 1,707, 15:19

Very nice article to read, even if it is long as hell you won`t get bored and it gives you a pleasant smile on your face. A straight one 🙂

Amza Pellea
Amza Pellea Day 1,707, 15:47

wow !!! Good job!

bigcat.chen Day 1,707, 17:45

Good job! 太欢乐了!

kispisti007 Day 1,707, 18:07


PolarMonkey Day 1,708, 02:02

the lack of yugoslovenians in em pictures was so obvious, there was few drinks on that table, and the ones that were on the table were beers, u cant get wasted with beers noobs, u need sljivovica...

Mesther Day 1,708, 03:15

I'll make you a deal... i'll cut my beard down if you grow one 😃

Have fun baby finn and maybe we'll see each other in finland 😉

ilphen Day 1,708, 03:50

Awesome article, really loved it!! I can only repeat what alzena said, it was a pleasure to meet all of you!
Looking forward to thessaloniki. o/

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