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[2nd eRepublik Int'l Meeting] All I can do

Day 1,692, 10:17 Published in Romania Romania by Sunsetter

The 2nd eRepublik International Meeting has come to an end.
All I can say is:

- to ALL of you who attended the Bucharest and/or Timisoara meetings. It was an absolute pleasure and honor seeing all of you! All reasons I may find for logging in every day and playing this game fade in front of YOU, the community, the people who have shown to be so much more than just pixels. I hope you all enjoyed the little time we spent together, I for one can't wait for the next meeting in Greece.
- to my Finnish friends I've kept company for a little more than a week and who have given me a fantastic time in Bucharest, Caransebes and Timisoara. I love you, guys!
- to my Falcons, who have proven once again to be the best brotherhood one can hope for. Fal fal fal! Enough said.
- And last, but certainly not least, the BIGGEST THANK YOU to alpho, an amazing host and organizer, pro MC, fabulous dancer and awesome bro. You rock! *brofist*

Words are stupid and poor so I'll just stop. I am exhausted but I would do everything all over again without giving it a second thought.
Looking forward to meeting all of you again and seeing new faces too! 🙂

Yours always,
Sunny von Sunsetter



Finway Day 1,693, 03:05

ottomans detected xdxd

faucoult Day 1,693, 03:11

fap fap fap

aniujual Day 1,693, 03:15

It was awesome and awesome and ... of course, awesome! (:

Efesli Day 1,693, 04:03


Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 1,693, 04:10

great one.

XtaSia Day 1,693, 04:12

It was the best eRepublik meeting ever, thanks to the awesome organizers we had, Sunsetter and alpho.
Thank you! (bow)

CRIS 99 Day 1,693, 04:14


LadyArgana Day 1,693, 04:48

I cant find the words to express my feelings about this experience. Anything I might say wont cover the way I have these days in my heart and mind. A simple thank you is surely not enough. Even though I am not home yet and I am really tired I would do it over and over again.
Thank you all for everything and I hope next year in greece we will be able to host you the same amazing way!

Krontzo Day 1,693, 04:56


wowotzange Day 1,693, 05:37

I was just looking at a picture with Sunny waving goodbye at the train station : ( I miss you guys already

iDarius Day 1,693, 05:43

Daca se face si in Constanta vin la intalnire.

8-3=1 Day 1,693, 07:29

"It was the best eRepublik meeting ever". It was only the second big one : )

Kudos and sorry couldnt make it. Next time.

drinkeru Day 1,693, 10:36

Beautiful town nice people good ambiance...perfect!!
I want to thank for whoever bought the ice cream cakes for my Bday... I wasn't expecting that!!
Thank you for the girls that wrote on them too ! haha
I'm sorry I left I have no idea how 2 days went by so fast...I fell in love with the place!
Next time i expect more ppl from FAR to show up 😛

See you in Greece!!

Atsalenia Day 1,693, 12:03

great meeting!
I met wonderful people
next meeting in Greece

milos_jablanovic Day 1,693, 13:54

Just came here to put a comment so you don't forget me.....................................................................

milos_jablanovic Day 1,693, 13:54


SovraN Day 1,693, 15:31

bi dahaki buluşma yunanistandaysa taneri türkiye temsilcisi olarak gönderiyoruz beyler

Petsku Day 1,693, 16:25

Had super fun, yay!

BMA77 Day 1,694, 23:35

Multumesc pt cadou:)

puuup you all:D

Mr. Obvious
Mr. Obvious Day 1,695, 08:56

Some pictures would be nice : )

Gyurak Day 1,707, 07:33


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