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Dear Friends

I sincerely hope that you will like my idea and together we will bring it to reality.

Briefly said, my proposal, respectfully a challenge to the ones that are interested and willing to work it out, is the creation of a weekly journal with rubrics that you choose. Teams for each rubric are to be formed.

I rely on your engagement and hope that at the end of the week, the weekly journal („Седмичник“) will be something that everyone looks forward to.

We are open to any suggestions and ideas!


Every team should have its own logo and slogan that will discern it from the rest of the teams.
Of course, it is not compulsory for the logo to be the same each week.


Each team will be granted a weekly budget for the preparation of articles. How the budget should be distributed is up to every team. The concept of financing the teams is to encourage writers to create valuable content. The budget could also be used for giveaways, games or whatever is needed to keep the audience involved and satisfied.
It should be mentioned that the already existing Diplomatic Corps of Bulgaria is eligible for participating in the weekly journal.


Sadly, Plato hasn’t yet implemented a system that allows clicking onto topics that redirect you to the desired part of the article (just like an online magazine) or another link, therefore we would stick to the good old way of publishing the content outside eRepubik. The content in the article will be a summary. Link to the entire content will be available in the eRepublik article.

We appeal to Plato to provide us a way of organizing an article better and hope that Plato would like our idea.


Should Plato foundation sponsor us, the weekly budget for all teams will be about 1000 gold . If the application is denied sponsorship, the teams will be given 100 000cc from my personal account on a weekly basis.

Now let us present our suggestions for the rubrics


Needless to say, this team will focus on presenting musical novelties, writing about favorite musicians and providing interesting content for the average meloman.)


Poetry, short stories, book summaries, this team will emphasize on indulging the needs of the bookworms in our community.
Many books are made into movies, so why not also include cinema?!


In spite of being a small nation, our history is incredibly vast and fascinating. Such rubric will remind us of our fallen heroes, glorious and not so glorious battles and keep our spirit high (which will hopefully reflect postiviely on our determination in the game!


A challenge for fashion fanatics, interior. There is a lot that could be shown and said in this rubric.


A challenge for every foodie. From instant to gourmet food.

Funny moments

This rubric will inevitably be published with the slogans in eRepublik, along with the last proposed rubric. Having the exceptionally funny moments with Byzz and Smile’s articles in mind, this rubric will be entrusted to them. Their articles have proven themselves to be a great challenge for one’s perceptivity. This is why I have no doubt in the rubric’s success.


It is a well known fact that our fellow eCountrymen are keen on sport. With the approaching Champion’s League and UEFA matches, the introduction of a such rubric is mandatory.
And since everyone is eager to become a millionaire, the sport rubric could become a place to discuss sport betting as well.


As we already mentioned, we are open for any kind of ideas, therefore the rubrics above are not in final state. There will be many more, depending on people’s interests and knowledge of our eCountrymen. The weekly journal will accommodate everyone’s interest, whether be it medicine, forex or lifestyle. Diversity is key.

Each country is invited to take part in our project by forming a team, writing articles, making rubrics or by contributing in another manner. The rewards/budget will be gladly shared with our foreign colleagues.

Have a nice...!🙂

Best Regards:

English: MartinnSM