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Below you’ll find a simple beginners guide, based on my own personal experience. Here you will only get a simple overview of the basics. Further articles with more detailed consideration may follow.

Essential daily tasks

Essential daily steps are pretty easy. Since humans are nothing more than better bio-robots, please follow the following principles. Summarized and sorted to priority the three concise rules are:

1) Don’t spend your Gold! Save it under all circumstances!
2) Just follow the Daily tasks in the left bottom corner.
3) If you’re damn sure you want to spend your gold on something important:
‘>>Don’t spend your Gold! Ask more experienced players, if it’s an good idea.

Being new in the game, of course everything is new and exciting. And you want to experience a quick go-through. But eRepublik is not an arcade MMO, so keep your self-control. This game is designed to be played for weeks, months and years. There is no quick road to success, unless you are ready to sell your home and invest the money in eRepublik.

If you keep that in mind all the time, nothing can go wrong.

Daily tasks in detail

Training grounds
>> My places >> Training grounds

Since being part of your daily tasks, you need to do your exercises every day to become a super soldier. By the way, still remember the first rule?

Brilliant, seems like you got it! Only use your weights rooms, which are for free. Don’t spend your gold for the other training grounds.

Doing that day after day, you soon will earn the super soldier medal. You’ll get it after achieving 250 strength-points to be exact.

This medal is rewarded with 5 gold!
This is also the right time to tell you, why saving gold is important: Because you want to upgrade this beautiful facility. But don’t buy upgrades at full price. Wait for special events, where you get discount.

My places >> Companies

Of course you have to find a job, before you can work. But think twice, before you pick one. You have to stay in the chosen company for at least three days, before you can resign and find another.

Also you might prefer to expand your horizon and work in a foreign country for better wages. Here is a great tool you should give a try before you pick a job.
After choosing a well payed workplace, you have to travel to the country so that you can hire. You only have to go there once to hire, then you can travel back home. In modern times like these, Home office is not a problem.

Finally: Fighting

Before you blindly rush into combat, you should find experienced combat companions, or a Military Unit (MU) to be more precise. It’s not because something bad would happen to you otherwise, but only then you’ll get the Daily Orders (DO) from your commanders. And just like in real life, it pays to obey your commander's instructions.

Fighting itself is not that difficult. Pull the trigger, push the button and off you go.
… not that difficult at the moment. It might get a little bit trickier as you get stronger …
But that’s another story.

Of course it’s a good idea to join a MU fighting for your country. Because you have to travel to the battles you want to fight in. So joining a MU which sets DO thousands of miles away won’t help you, as you won’t be able to pay travel costs.
Searching for a MU you may also have a look if it’s still active, before joining. Therefor you visit the MU-Info-page >> MU-Members and sort them by Military Damage.

Also it might be a good idea to contact the Commander and ask, if they’re actively supporting new members (eBabies). Many of them support you with food (which you need to restore energy for fighting). And maybe also some weapons, money or gold …

If you have chosen the wrong MU, you can leave it at any time. As long as you find the right link, which is hidden here:


You might consider joining telegram, as many communities and MUs have their channels there. And it’s way easier to communicate on Telegram compared to ingame-communication.

This is not the final version of this quick guide. I may update it from time to time. And my plan is also to write further, more detailed articles on special topics for eBabies. Those I’ll link here as soon as they’re written.

I'll start with some helpful articles written by other fellow eCitizens. Feel free to inform me, if you know about other useful links.

Useful links

If you have no idea what those damn abbreviations are supposed to mean.
>> Acronyms by US Department of Citizen Affairs
Some religious background.
>> Dioism by Fyreous
Resources and production bonuses
>> Bonuses and relocation by Yhamilitz von Habsburg
Worth investing gold in training facilities?
>> Training calculator

I wish you a good game and hope you also find some new friends here! 🙂