(1) Happy birthday eRepublik! Team perspective article

Day 366, 00:01 Published in USA by Plato

One year, wow... what a journey! Today we'll do an analysis of how our team looked when Beta was launched versus how life is at our offices today.

From a tiny room in the Bucharest office that we had when we launched eRepublik beta, to an entire floor for the main headquarters and an office in Madrid.

From one of the famous laptop-made videos by Alexis, to a video made by George with a professional video camera. Here is the beta video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvVvdKSzU4g
as well as the one created a few hours before the V1 launch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeUZQ7L86og

From the five team members we had one year ago, to more the than 25 that we have today.

From only one team member that could play soccer, to an incredible team (that's what they think anyway) of five players. We're competing against the Electronic Arts soccer team in a local championship composed of other companies.

From only one girl on our team, to four girls. We know that we can do better in this area.

From just a crazy idea by George, to a winner of the FOWA startup contest (link ).

From the developers using a poor ticketing system a year ago, to using the complete and professional module that we have now.

From one team member recruited from the eRepublik community last March, to a full team of six members. These numbers will increase a lot next year with the new community moderator plan that Cristi is preparing.

From the unbalanced teams we had in Medal of Honor and Age of Empires 2 marathons each Friday evening, to the more than three competitive teams that we have now.

From no broken stuff at the office, to four broken chairs, three smashed notebooks and two wrecked relationships between our staff members and their girlfriends.

We'll be back shortly with an anniversary article in the Insider, but instead from the community perspective.

Hope you enjoyed your time playing eRepublik as much as we did developing it. For sure we are here to make your future eRepublik experience better.

Best regards,
The eRepublik Team