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Home coming

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I will keep this article very brief.

Some of you may remember me, many of you won’t. I was the eUk’s MoD for 3 consecutive months between February 2012 and April 2012. I was also the runner up in the June Presidential election. Following my
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Greatmoff: Introducing the brand:

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Greetings eIndia.

I am a new citizen in the country having just been accepted today. First of all a little bit about myself.

I am from the United Kingdom in real life where I am a 22 year old third year Philosophy student. I have been
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Finish him!

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Recently the COT and TWO Coalition forces have seen resounding success against Eden. Argentina, Turkey and Greece all disappeared from the map for a period of time. Victories were being won almost completely across the eglobe. This culminated in

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Buying MU Poland

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Just as the title says I'm looking to buy a MU in Poland.

If you're interested in selling then please PM me.

I will potentially kick all of the other players in order to change it to what I want, this isn't to say I will kick everyone, but I

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FMP: Party presidential elections

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FMP Update:

I promised an update on the 14th with the results of our logo competition. The competition is now officially closed.

We received 3 entries:



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