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Why we should stay in eden!!!

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The referendum: Why we should stay!

Apparently our psycho president or pp wants us to leave eIreland and join a country called COT or something like that.

Apparently eIreland is also called EDEN . Yes , yes this is news to me 2 🙂

So I thought about this and this is why we should stay in eIreland.


Its only a croatian that would want us to move from EDEN to baby cot. Naw ya dumbass we wanted back in EDEN for years and years. From that one day the big guy kicked us out for eating his special fruit.

After his expulsion from Eden, Adam was forced to work hard for his food for the first time."

2. Irish
Since 13% of us is really eIrish and the rest of us joined to improve our Irish. You see when a eIrish writed “ you @&&@& piece *** *** **** We should stay in EDEN. Your normal eIrish citizen reads “ we should stay in eden. So in eIreland or eEden we can talk irish. As our brains adjust for swear words we cannot read normal english anymore.

3. Leprechauns

being irish means we can blame our poverty on leprechauns. When little johnny ask “daddy why is there no presents.” Daddy irish can say “the fookin leprechauns stole it or the wench(ex wife) got granted (went to court) her first wish (got everything) and got my pot of gold (small shoebox where i kept my money)

4. The blood in our whiskey

Since our anotomies does not function as a normal persons and when we get in a accident and there is no hennesy for the whiskey transfusion we will just die 🙁 and that is just sad.

5. Irish brides

I have heard confidently that psycho wants to take our womenfolk to eCroatia and start a online bride selling site 🙁 called "Buy Irish brides" apparently eSandraCro is now confirmed as his sister by a very reliable source eKurgan. EPsycho has been [content deleted by mods] and places pictures of him and his sister in his articles thereby luring unsuspecting and drunken eIrish women to his evil villa in the alps.

6. Directions

Face it we life on a island. Crossing over more than one country to get back to our home will be to demanding for our drunken minds.

And that is the 6 convincing reasons we should stay in eireland and not comply to mini me ‘s plan to life in some baby cot whilst he sells of our womenfolk



MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Tag 1,845, 14:46


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,845, 15:39

Again irish rebel reborn....we know you are....and we agree on that.

But on other hand i am glad you came out and not ashame of your feelings toward male human men...

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,847, 10:31

Lol, those fookin leprechauns...

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