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When Irish Eyes...

Tag 1,911, 11:47 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Griechenland von Maggie Dumas

There's a tear in your eye,
And I'm wondering why,
For it never should be there at all.
With such pow'r in your smile,
Sure a stone you'd beguile,
So there's never a teardrop should fall.
When your sweet lilting laughter's
Like some fairy song,
And your eyes twinkle bright as can be;
You should laugh all the while
And all other times smile,
And now, smile a smile for me.

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing.
When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, they steal your heart away.

For your smile is a part
Of the love in your heart,
And it makes even sunshine more bright.
Like the linnet's sweet song,
Crooning all the day long,
Comes your laughter and light.
For the springtime of life
Is the sweetest of all
There is ne'er a real care or regret;
And while springtime is ours
Throughout all of youth's hours,
Let us smile each chance we get.



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,911, 12:02

Vote and sub......

MUFC992 Tag 1,912, 02:52


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Tag 1,912, 12:40

Welcome to eIreland.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Tag 1,912, 12:44

Ian is right and i forget to say...welcome to eIreland......hope you will enjoy here.

Don't worry about fights we have here between each other...it's irish love in practice...

Cydp Tag 1,912, 16:11

Voted and Subbed!
Welcome to eIreland!


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,912, 16:33

v, welcome to Ireland.

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