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What's happening in eFrance ? [EN/FR]

Tag 1,911, 12:36 Veröffentlicht in Ireland Dänemark von Hitoyoshi

eFrance is, since the end of TERRA, fully questioned on the diplomatic front. Indeed, eFrance remained in contact with EDEN without showing a desire to join them for months. But, since one month, eFrance decided to put order in its external policy and wanted to join an alliance.

It is for this reason that last month the French government decided to launch a referendum then a consultation to its population to determine whether or not eFrance would join EDEN. It turns out that the French population had voted in favor of EDEN on their forum but their Congress had obtained only 63% of the votes against the 66% required by EDEN thus, last month, eFrance could not join EDEN.

In this situation, the new French government has raised the possibility to have closer links with countries belonging to CoT particularly the eUSA (which has often helped eFrance). You should know that eFrance has, currently, no desire to join CoT but simply to have a wider range for its future diplomacy because it is not easy for a country to exist without an alliance. So, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible to contact the CoT countries in order to test and know their hypothetical feelings about eFrance whose some of whom are former allies like eBulgaria or eChile.

Some people denounce the current government to promote CoT and forsake EDEN. Some even say this directly to our closest allies such as eCroatia. It is clear that this kind of attitude is detrimental to both eFrance and its image on the international scene. It's an important moment for the eFrance's history and the diplomatic decision belongs to the French people. That is why eFrance considers all possibilities like CoT, Asgard or even TWO. eFrance questions about his future but doesn't forget its allies like Germany, Portugal, Croatia and many others.

And as said Alfred de Musset, a French playwright:
"The tears of the past fertilize the future"

Nicolas Bonaparte,
Irish Congressman

L’eFrance est, depuis la fin de TERRA, en pleine remise en question sur le plan diplomatique. En effet, l’eFrance est restée en contact avec EDEN sans pour autant manifester le désir de les rejoindre durant des mois. Mais, depuis un mois, l’eFrance a décidé de mettre de l’ordre dans sa politique externe et souhaite rejoindre une alliance.

C’est pour cette raison que le mois dernier le gouvernement français a décidé de lancer un référendum puis une consultation du congrès pour savoir si oui ou non l’eFrance allait rejoindre EDEN. Il s’avère que la population française avait voté en faveur d’EDEN sur leur forum mais que leur Congrès n’avait obtenu que 63% des voix sur les 66% requis par EDEN. Ainsi l’eFrance n’a pas pu rejoindre EDEN le mois dernier.

Face à ce constat, le nouveau gouvernement français a émis la possibilité de se rapprocher des pays appartenant à CoT en particulier les eUSA (qui a souvent aidé l’eFrance). Il faut savoir que l’eFrance n’a pas, actuellement, la volonté de rejoindre CoT mais tout simplement avoir un panel plus large pour son avenir diplomatique. Car il n’est pas facile pour un pays sans alliance d’exister. Ainsi, le ministère des affaires étrangères est en charge de contacter les pays de CoT afin de les sonder et de connaître leurs hypothétiques sentiments à l’égard de l’eFrance dont certains sont d’anciens alliés comme l’eBulgarie ou l’eChili.

Certaines personnes dénoncent le gouvernement actuel de favoriser CoT et de délaisser EDEN. Certains vont même jusqu’à dire cela directement à nos alliés les plus proches tels que l’eCroatie. Il est clair que ce genre d’attitude est nuisible aussi bien à l’eFrance qu’à son image sur la scène internationale. L’eFrance est à un moment important de son histoire diplomatique et la décision appartient au peuple français. C’est pour cela que l’eFrance envisage toutes les possibilités et ça passe donc par CoT, Asgard ou même TWO. L’eFrance se remet en question mais elle n’oublie pas ses alliés allemands, portugais ou croates.

Et comme disait Alfred de Musset, un dramaturge français:
“Les larmes du passé fécondent l’avenir”

Nicolas Bonaparte,
Député Irlandais


Winable Tag 1,911, 12:49

Voté !

ChewChewShoe Tag 1,911, 12:51

Good stuff.

reaktionaer Tag 1,911, 12:52

Oui oui! Gracias!

Amiho Tag 1,911, 12:55


SALOPARD Tag 1,911, 12:58

CoT, bien sur...

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Tag 1,911, 13:16

Voted. o7

Tototwalker Tag 1,911, 13:17

Tell me something I don't know.

Fitisin Tag 1,911, 13:17

Thanks for the update

Snapbox Tag 1,911, 13:25

Voté !

Doge N7
Doge N7 Tag 1,911, 13:41


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Tag 1,911, 14:02


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Tag 1,911, 14:17


StonesJack Tag 1,911, 14:50

Voté !

Koratos Tag 1,911, 15:11

La loyauté est bien un concept abstrait, et encore plus sur ce jeu !

Koratos Tag 1,911, 15:11


Blackbower Tag 1,911, 15:49

Le principal dans cette affaire, à mon sens, est d'éviter de nous retrouver dans une situation qui nous forcerait à taper contre des alliés historiques tels que l'Australie, l'Allemagne, les USA, la Croatie,etc. Ou en faveur d'ennemis historiques : Polackie, Sapins, Servians...

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Tag 1,911, 18:45


Brian Boru
Brian Boru Tag 1,911, 19:18

The problem with France is that it lacks leadership with perspective: Whether it's military or economic.

I am not referring to any single government, or the current one, but rather the geopolitical situation France was always going to find itself in. A lack of regard for its neighbours' alignments, particularly the eUK (with its strong diplomatic weight) and Spain (which is strong in general), as well as Poland and Serbia who are quite obviously within striking distance. While that's fine when you have strong allies that care about you, it isn't when you are independent.

You can see this effect in eIreland: We were hostile to Britain because we negotiated and fought our way into having allies that could defeat Britain. Now, we do not have those allies, and so cannot afford to have that.

It's a bit too late for France now though, I suspect. The Poles and Serbs like their empires, and French governments negotiating occupation agreements with them is hardly a situation to inspire confidence that this will change.

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Tag 1,912, 13:08

french people voted against new agreements. so eFrance is going to loose paris and fight poland in RW. i hope they xontinue teh way of resistance with pride.
and another referendum is going to determine wich alliance eFrance will go. and eden have majority for now.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Tag 1,912, 18:14

Probably their only choice without a diplomatic revolution.

France should take any and every chance they can to ally to Spain at the very least

Thamerisis Tag 1,912, 01:00

Conclusion: Congress s*cks

MR. HANK SCORPIO Tag 1,912, 01:13


Amboise Tag 1,912, 01:58

voté. on verra bien le(s) référendum(s).

@brian boru The problem with France is that it has 2 rubber regions, the only ones in Europe. nuff said.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Tag 1,912, 09:35

And that is a reality that French governments have failed to take into account.

Amboise Tag 1,912, 10:07

true. especially with only 2k~3k players for a long time.

benjiparis Tag 1,912, 02:09

Brian boru : If it was the uk who got the rubber you coule be sure They would be erased by poland .

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Tag 1,912, 09:36

No, eIreland would rent the regions for a lovely big bag of money or significant military support.

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Tag 1,912, 04:25

My opinion is that Portugal, France and 2/3 other countries with similar interests should do an alliance like Asgard.

We can't continue like this 😒

Jack  Minow
Jack Minow Tag 1,912, 04:29

On en redemande !

Colbushi Tag 1,912, 05:20

France needs a big BB.

MUFC992 Tag 1,912, 05:55

Stay on the good side 🙂

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