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We can't let Sasosi and his team officially steal from the country.

Tag 1,904, 05:06 Veröffentlicht in Denmark Polen von diamia
Dear Friends,

We can't let Sasosi and his team officially steal from the country.

Let's see the number of the transfers: 7 × 400.000 DKK = 2.800.000 DKK.

There is 1,2 m DKK in the Danske Bank.

Where is the rest of the money, dear president?

Because we, people haven't got any of it at all!

None of it got back to us!

If you wish to stop the all-powerful Danish president's actions, vote against him! Vote for diamia!

Don't forget, victory can be ours but only if we join together.

If you vote for my party, and send me the number of your vote in a PM, i will send you 10 tanks

With kind regards,



ChrisseR Tag 1,904, 06:11

Again trying to buy votes are we? -.-''

Sasori5 Tag 1,904, 06:15

good try! but you still have 1 vote, go to cheat to other game 😉

you'll not see that money, 'cause that money is for the danish people, not for PTOers like u 🙂

Kongeror Tag 1,904, 14:28

I just wonder why you didn't get a permanent ban Diamia. Too bad it was only temporarily so you actually managed to get in a corrupted way into our congress. What a shame. A thief thinks everyone else is a thief...

pho3nix Tag 1,905, 02:01

Hi there. I've been in this country more or less since it's started. So has Sasori. If you'd had been on erepublik.dk, and been an active part of the community the last 4-5 years - and still had some criticism - that would be something I could respect. This however is just a failure to understand game mechanics. Maybe you're just too new to this game. If you have any questions as to why we're donating away the money, you're welcome to ask me or join the discussions at erepublik.dk.

Samer Bedan
Samer Bedan Tag 1,906, 09:30

i voted for you 🙂

A. ILLUMINUS Tag 1,909, 02:16

Where is the money must show all the people not in personal mesagges

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