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WastelandENT For UP PP

Tag 1,821, 11:09 Veröffentlicht in South Africa Südafrika von Alfredo The Sauce

Hello all,

So party president elections are on the rise and I see that the Union of Patriots has a handful of candidates running for the top spot. We are in a good position right now, we have regained some of our original core members and have gained a large amount of active, new members (some new and some existing citizens). Because of this we need someone who is very active, both in game and on the forums, and someone who really cares about the Union of Patriots and eSouth Africa. This is why as a previous PP of UP I am endorsing WastelandENT, who I am sure will successfully be able lead the Union of Patriots this coming term!


Wastelands platform: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/up-party-president-platform-2155560/1/20



WastelandENT Tag 1,821, 12:33

Thank you Alfredo!

Ejdatful Tag 1,821, 13:16

Good luck Wasteland ! V !

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Tag 1,821, 13:48

Np Wasteland 🙂

SM333ZA Tag 1,821, 19:52

voted - good luck wasteland!

kuckuck Tag 1,822, 06:00


Dule87 Tag 1,822, 09:03


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