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Anyone that votes and shouts this article will receive 1q6 tank from Naluteniot.
A way of making money

The biggest dilemma nowadays in erepublik is how to earn more money and have gold for training boosters. Well i will tell you my way. It's simple , easy and 100% legal and authorized by the erepublik team.

First you need to register . When you open this link ( http://tinyurl.com/d4kjnxv ) you will get this picture:

Just fill in and you are ready to start making money.
Orgs number should be 1 .

After you register you can log in and and start . This will show you the basic stuff of what you are supposed to do.

Here it shows the amount of money that you have earned:

Money that you have earned will be donated to you once per week.

These are my payment during the period that i've worked in voters club. As you can see i have earned quite a lot of money . This week i got 19k cc which is in total 8.5gold . You can also see that in my whole carrier i have earned a total of 85,788.5 CC which is almost 40 gold.

Voters club is also a good way of getting a MM medal and getting your article in top5.For those that wish to make an order here is what you need to do:
open this link http://tinyurl.com/d6sybet and you will find a page looking like this

Those are instructions of how you order. You must remember that only one order for subs is allowed and making an order for a same newspaper twice will be counted as a double order . A maximum of 300 subs per newspaper is allowed because for now that is the capacity of voters club and with this article i hope we can raise that capacity.After you do this you will get this :

Those who order from this link http://tinyurl.com/d6sybet
can fill this form http://tinyurl.com/cu23xl2 and get 5% discount. (the 5% will be give back from me Naluteniot by donation after their order is put in progress). To make sure that you order is counted copy this link http://erepublik-market.com/voters/newOrder.html?adp=847343 and paste it in you url place and make the order.

For more information contact Naluteniot by pm.

Best regards




troj4n20 Tag 1,664, 09:22


Ph4nt0om Tag 1,664, 11:06

v 39 and shout

troj4n20 Tag 1,664, 12:03

@ayush - mu shouts can be used to co-ordinate such things...it would be great that way! : )

Gligobadavar Tag 1,664, 15:17

v57 shout

ayush121212 Tag 1,664, 23:49

@trojan - i don't know how to make such forms. you have to help your self sorry.
u can contact Naluteniot for some help.

best regards

DonMogul Tag 1,665, 03:58

this gets -1000000 points from me.

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