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Vote Me in and Action Will be Done

Tag 1,914, 06:18 Veröffentlicht in USA USA von Jmaj

On this election day I am running to be elected as the socialist freedom party's president. I am the likely choice because I have actually stated a plan on what I will do and how I will follow the left-wing roots of this party. I have shouted my plans over and over however, I am only winning by a small margin. No other candidate has stated a claim yet. I have stated a claim, many claims in fact. I have experience with working with elite SFP members including Phoenix Quinn and Lysander Spooner II who is now gone. I am not pleased with these results. Although I respect the candidates and believe everyone should have a fair vote, I haven't heard from any one of them while some don't even have press directors. Vote for me if you want something done and want to hear something. I am an amateur rapper so I will say this:

I am the man with the plan empower masses through knowledge, someday I will be my own college.

I wish the other candidates good luck, however, get something out of them.



Silas Soule
Silas Soule Tag 1,914, 14:58

Aside from back when G. Pumpkinette was taking me down a peg, I think this is this first time anyone has said I was "elite".

Do I get a medal or something?

I think jmaj will be a good PP, though I also like Dylan's fiery redder-than-redness & hope whoever wins that theses two revolutionaries will join forces to give the Man hell.

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