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Upcoming changes on erepublik???

Tag 1,921, 05:12 Veröffentlicht in Japan Japan von Nanashi Senshi

We are all witnesses of new changes on erepublik, although these changes aren't that significant as many of us would like them to be. Past few days/weeks we had a slight change of site layout ( new look of interface ), and we had change in media system regarding the comment system (now you can vote the comment of specific person(s), reply him or them and talk with him/them much easier than before, FB friendly system xD ). Although these changes are welcomed, they aren't what many of us - players here have long wished for, and it seems that people in e-republik team are more or less aware of this, so recently this picture was shown on official erepublik FB page. As you can see these are the changes we can expect in the future.

1) New map
Many of you already have or at least you have seen the new map. New map has more functionality than the old one ( now you can move, fight and find out various informations about your country and it's regions with no need of leaving the map ) and it is more graphically improved, the map is still in beta phase so there is a possibility of new (small) changes of the map.

2) Alliances
There aren't currently many information about this changes in game. Admins are planning to insert alliance system in the game, but how and in what way it is still not known. All that is know for now is that all the CP got the message from Plato where he's asking them in which alliance is their country and who is the Supreme Commander of the alliance. We will probably know more in the weeks to come.

3) Guerilla fight ( PvP )
I have already written about this before, nothing has changed after that.
There are a few basic functions in the PvP module, which you will be offered the chance to enter every few fights ( fire, move, defend ).
You can fight, defend or move, and will be offered the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. The weapons will offer varying amounts of damage and be more effective at some ranges than others (thus the function of the movement buttons). At this time the weapons will most likely be available for purchase directly from Plato!, which means no investment is needed for new factories, and the economy will benefit from having a country currency sink. It's also important to note that PvP battles will be carried out in real time, versus another player! This module will be available to all, and the current military module will remain the same, you will be able to chose if you want to play the new system or simply to ignore it.

(Credit for the picture goes to Milosav95)
4) Economy
Probably the change wanted by the most of the players, but unfortunately currently there isn't much information about this. How will admins finally improve the economic system remains to be seen in future, I just hope so that we won't need to wait for years for this to happen ( 'cuz we already waited for so long xD ).

And this is the end of my article, I hope so you enjoyed reading it and find out something new. Thank you for your atention.
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arhangellord Tag 1,921, 06:52


B00oo Tag 1,921, 07:10

v + S
well done!

Hiro sama
Hiro sama Tag 1,921, 07:24

1. "New" Gold Offer

2. Repeat infinite times

That is all, lol

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Tag 1,921, 08:42

PvP will be something like e sim, I think.

Kljusa Tag 1,921, 08:55

PvP picture stolen from me: http://www.erepublik.com/sr/article/-srb-en-novi-vojni-modul-new-war-modul-2195787/1/20

You should put credits though...

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Tag 1,921, 10:08

Stolen??? I prefer the term borrowed xD

Kljusa Tag 1,921, 10:51

Borrowed or stolen,doesn't matter.
But that doesn't mean you don't need to put credits 😕

Squibeel Tag 1,921, 15:06

Lol doesn't matter where the pic came, report it if you think you have a case ahaha

Kljusa Tag 1,922, 01:53

I prefer not to report players from Serbia.Instead of that, I prefer talk to them first politely, and that gave the results as you see.But, you are from Japan and you will never know what I am talking about...

h idenshi
h idenshi Tag 1,921, 17:30

The image is copyright of eRepublik.

Thedillpickl Tag 1,921, 09:51

Currency sink will not save us. Overproduction because of too much companies being WaM'ed is the problem. If Plato removes Work as Manager the overproduction is gone. Of course military communes will suffer and many players that do not understand econ will have to be employees.

(BTW, this would destroy me. I currently have 95 Rubber to supply Q7 weapons factory. I feel it would be worth it to have an econ module to play again. Plus bring back at least House and Stone companies to make it have variety.)

Thedillpickl Tag 1,921, 09:53

😃:D Also v&s, very nice article. Short and to the point, not long and boring. Thank you for the update for all who do not follow every deed of the admin.

BelatedDeath Tag 1,921, 09:55

Oh god not 1.5 again

Flaco Jimenez
Flaco Jimenez Tag 1,921, 13:52

LOL. Remember that horrorshow?

BelatedDeath Tag 1,921, 20:28

Well, at least the economy wasn't broken back then...

pop George
pop George Tag 1,921, 11:14

v + s (cause Squirtious shouted link)

Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Tag 1,921, 13:32


Lucifel Tag 1,921, 16:37

Definitely a great article

ardishabutaro Tag 1,921, 17:38

good article. voted!

Lonqu Tag 1,922, 02:34


Auraborus Tag 1,922, 04:18

Interesting stuff.
Thanks for the update!
We are getting some good media in eJapan!

Stefan Hellsing
Stefan Hellsing Tag 1,922, 05:13

Bulgarian picture 😃 vote:D

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