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The War

Tag 2,037, 14:41 Veröffentlicht in USA Kroatien von Ashkoort

Many say there’s no strategy left in this game, but I strongly disagree. Even though it’s not as involved as it used to be, if you look closely you can see it’s still there.

There are 3 main elements important for waging wars in eRepublik:

1) Power

2) Organization

3) Moral

Power is strictly determined and limited by mathematics as the ammount of damage is matter of sheer numbers (more soldiers = more damage) and one can’t do much (in a military perspective) to change this element.

Organization is a broader concept than power and isn’t limited by anything else than human will, knowledge and work.

Moral is very abstract thing and it’s limit is determined by people. It can be easily influenced and it can be a decisive factor.

While the power is strictly determined and hard to change, Organization and Moral are completely different and leave lots of space to make a difference. Even though Power is dominant factor other elements still have enough space to make a difference every day.

Why am I writting all this?

Well, I was always interested in military part of this game and even though I no longer care for global events in eWorld since I don’t like any of existing alliances/blocks, I still follow all military events and can’t look at it this way without commenting it.

I find last couple of weeks very boring. Not because of TWO’s domination, but because of total lack of idea and will to fight from the opposing side(s).

We have two major blocks that are opposed, TWO and CoT. And even though the margin in damage between them isn’t that big, TWO is wipping floor with CoT. We can look for a reason for this in the faxt that bigger ammount of the damage coming from exEDEN countries is “working” for TWO, but it still can’t approve this kind of mess CoT and some other anti-TWO countries are facing in last couple of weeks.

What is the reason then?

Yes, CoT and anti-TWO countries lack power, but more importantly they lack organization and as a result of the latest losses, moral.

The logic is simple: when you lack power, you have to replace it by better organization which consists of more effective use of damage, superior tactics and long-term strategy that is strictly determined by its goals.

MPP battles are in most cases determined by the power of opposing sides and it’s usually hard to make a difference by organization, unless they’re parf of some broader strategy concept.

On the other hand serious RW-s offer lots of space to organisation and other elements.

Combination of more RW-s (massive RW attack, as I call them) or even RW-s with MPP battles are the highpoint of war in eRepublic as they’re the most complicated and therefore leave space for better organization to make a difference.

I will describe this kind of strategy and tactical maneuvers more detaily on couple concrete examples.


Hungary is currently occupying original regions of Ukraine, Russia and USA.
While Ukraine is proTWO country that has a rent deal with Hungary and doesn’t present a threat, Russia and USA aren’t. They are also stronger CoT countries and certaintly can threaten if they are well organized and rightly directed.

Hungary has a weak spot in Ukraine where their bonus route is very thin and more importantly hard to get restored since Ukraine has couple of same MPP-s as Hungary. Ukrainian region Subcarpathia curently held by Hungary is connecting all their non core bonuses (Ukrainian grain, fish and saltpaper and Russian Deer and Oil). Organized massive RW attack combined with Hungarian MPP battle on USA would leave them vulnerable at “home”.

With main pressure in Ukrainian RW supported by Russian and American RW along with MPP focus on Hungarian MPP attack on USA, Hungary would face dangerous situation that would have better effect for USA and Russia than individual operations against Hungary.
If initial RWs are successful, operation should continue and even get expanded by Russian attack on Hungary (if their region is liberated and when NE is free). If well organized, this kind of operation could give USA and Russia a chance to get rid of Hungary (at least for some time).


Serbia is currently occupying original regions of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, France and USA. Same as Hungary, Serbia also has a weak spot in their trade route in regions such as Apulia, Aquitaine, Corsica, South Dalmatia, West Srpska Republic and Tirana. It’s very important to notice that all countries occupied by Serbia are hostile towards them and that fact is very important since it gives better chances for a successful operation.

Sheer fact that there are 6 RW-s possible in the same country is a chance for a huge pressure even for no.1 force in game, Serbia. But it also offers lots of tactical maneuvers that can expand the operation and raise the pressure. With main focus on RW in Apulia, Croatian and American RW combined with MPP focus on Serbian MPP attack on USA, Serbia could be damaged and USA would get a chance to defend itself.

If initial RW wave is successful it opens way for serious NE (such as Croatian) or drains or further RW pressure that could result with successes in other local or global fronts.


A bit different situation that the one in Hungary or Serbia, but the general principle is the same.

Argentina is a country surrounded by lots of hostile neighbors (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru).

In this situation, with Brazil and Chile as main “players”, Argentinian situation can be very difficult even though their MPP set is much stronger than those of their opponents, especially because most of their allies are from Europa.

MPP battles are easier as the country directly involved in it is stronger and it’s easier to win MPP battle with Brazil or Chile than Peru or Paraguay. That’s why forcing Peru’s or Paraguay’s MPP battles is waste of damage while being the inferior side (on global level). It’s much more effective to use Peru’s or Paraguay’s RW-s and MPP battles as drain battle while focusing on those that have a chance to succeed. Instead of fighting four MPP battles, you fight two.

And by the principle win some, lose some, you pick your battle wisely and strategically with the idea of quick liberation of regions conquered by the opponent in battles used as a drain.

On the long run this kind of strategy is exhausting for the opponent and with time its power is falling and it’s possible to expand the operation and add further pressure.

These kind of operations are nothing new as they’ve been used (with more and less success) countless times before in similar situations, but it seems like people in charge of countries involved in this wars are a bit lost, without real ideas how to fight and it’s having a devastating result on moral.

I hope some things will change quickly and drastically because battles are really starting to look sad and very boring.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” - Muhammad Ali

“Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions. He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain." - Sun Tzu



Santiago28 Tag 2,037, 14:42

tooo prvi sam !!

Al Punk
Al Punk Tag 2,037, 14:47

A very good article!
What the eWorld is missing is EDEN or a new alliance!
Serbia can be hit hard only by this new organization. CoT does not have the power (MKD&BG have no cores) and they are not hostile as they seem against TWO.

If former EDEN countries organize with eUSA, eRussia, eBrasil, eChile, then the TWO and what CoT is left will have troubles..

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 14:57

I don't see how BG&MKD can be hostile to TWO, as Greece, Turkey and Romania alone match them. Going against Serbia will be possible only with the "permission" of those three..

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 14:58

What permission do you need? You think Turkey, or the bulk of Romanian/Greek damage would fight against Croatia?

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:00

They will against Bulgaria.

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 15:02

Maybe it's time Bulgaria supports us with no reason other than helping the rest of CoT.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:15

Croatia and BG&MKD have common enemy. Instead to support Croatia, Turkey decided to attack MKD. They might be your ally, but they did put their selfishness first and applied to join TWO to save their asses : )

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 15:22

I don't want to rake up the past too much, but let's look at this from Turkey's perspective. Most of her friends have moved towards one camp, and leading the other is the country whose cornerstone foreign policy was to abuse, troll and hate Turkey for months.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:24

Ye, they put their enemy in front of their friends. You just repeated my point 😛

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:26

Just like the Bulgarians and many others did and do.

I can hardly come up with a country that hasn't done that actually.

Anyway, cheers for the discussion. Time to log off : )

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 15:25

Which friend? Greece? Romania? Argentina? Ukraine? Their situation is complex.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Tag 2,037, 16:52

it always is 🙁 why not break with that, every once a while?
now is that time 😉

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Tag 2,037, 18:47

Main problem is that most ex-EDEN countries dislike COT far more than they do COT. And though EDEN is dead, they are still very friendly to each other. For example, COT offered a NAP to the ex-EDEN countries 3 times since the COTWO war started. In the first two it was from a position of strengh, thus they send them with impositions, like regions, gold or energy for AS's. On the last one there were no impositions, but it was too late already...

Al Punk
Al Punk Tag 2,038, 00:45

The crucial thing here is: TWO has the strength and is good at politics. What is happening now to eUSA will soon happen to any other country who opposed TWO/ONE.
There is an immediate need to organize a new strong alliance which has nothing to do with COT. ... before it is too late!

jester1 Tag 2,037, 14:48


BacoST Tag 2,037, 14:48

kasno mi je za engleski citat

FrutekXXX Tag 2,037, 14:49


Antollos Tag 2,037, 14:53


Boza Kamdzija
Boza Kamdzija Tag 2,037, 14:55

perfect o7

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 14:56

TWO is way more powerful than us. No organisation, nor moral can turn the odds.

Nice review tho. Voted for the time spent : )

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 14:56

You obviously haven't taken part in an RW blitz. 🙂

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:00

I haven't had the pleasure yet. But such a blitz would be nothing more but a temporary one. TWO are to recover in less than a week afterwards : /

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 15:01

And so we repeat. And again. And again.

The Mike
The Mike Tag 2,037, 15:15

And who is to benefit from this kind of situation?

Arrlo Tag 2,037, 15:17

USA and Russia primarily, Chile, Brazil and Croatia+Balkans secondarily, and TWO suffers.

StrahimirVeliki Tag 2,038, 13:34

In fact, I am quite tired of USA reaping benefits of us in the Balkans fighting Serbia/TWO. And eAmericans were bored with the game. Maybe the current situation will call them to their senses.

Ashkoort Tag 2,037, 15:03

You obviously don't get the point. You're weaker? So what? You're gonna lie down, cry and do nothing? Play the game.

kushtrimzz Tag 2,037, 14:58


nikol000 Tag 2,037, 14:59

Without diplomacy every war is lost before first battle .

Ashkoort Tag 2,037, 15:15

War is just another way of diplomacy : )

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Tag 2,038, 14:28

serbia doesn't have diplomacy but a**kissing

Vesko S. Petkov
Vesko S. Petkov Tag 2,037, 15:00

Vote, great article but the military command of CoT is sleeping

SwiftStrike74 Tag 2,038, 11:04

Wish they would wake up...

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Tag 2,037, 15:01


Jo Gaspar
Jo Gaspar Tag 2,037, 15:03


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Tag 2,037, 15:06

Vote sad, citam kasnije 🙂

Vjerujem da je odlicno kao i uvijek o/

Kaad Tag 2,037, 15:18

Good job

Dimitar Ianakiev
Dimitar Ianakiev Tag 2,037, 15:20

Just kick their asses ... They care about resources. We don't. We have stronger relationship.

Prophet984 Tag 2,037, 15:23


Chewbacca2.0 Tag 2,037, 15:34


M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Tag 2,037, 15:37

Nothing about NW Europe? Good article btw, totally agree.

Ashkoort Tag 2,037, 15:52

No time and NW Europe is a tricky question since Poland has no one to confront them and everyone was forced to sign NAP with them.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Tag 2,037, 16:40

All bow to the pink blob, is that it?

Ashkoort Tag 2,038, 03:49

Yeah, so it looks.
Poland and China have special geostrategic positions in the eWorld. They both have 10/10 bonuses at their hands with only 3 RWs and no strong opponents at their borders. With no one to challenge Poland + the fact that they have Serbia on their side and that both Germany and France have NAP with them, pretty much lowers the chances to do anything against Poland to zero.

adytza Tag 2,037, 15:38


Ganchev21 Tag 2,037, 15:54

Good article

Mr.gREg Tag 2,037, 15:55


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Tag 2,037, 15:59

again you talk about rws

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