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The two faced French CP [BucephalusIII]

Tag 1,787, 18:14 Veröffentlicht in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republik Mazedonien (EJRM) von BucephalusIII
Hello dear readers,

I'm writing article, article about France keeping their promises.

Someone will say France is a lovely country with a lovely and great people, country full of love and trust. Yes, that is TRUE, but TRUE in our real lives, not here.

I would like to start at the same beggining

Their CP came to me and asked me for a training war because his people needed to do the mission of the NE.
It was ok by us although we had hard battles. We let them NE us by 1 condition:
Attack us in Tuscany and cut our NE with USA and help us like we helped them have congress in Corsica and helped them finish their mission.
Their CP agrees and NE'd us

Then we expected attack from them in Tuscany and finish our deal with them but we get this:

So we said it's ok we are people and people sometimes are making mistakes. But after few days i get this from someone which made me mad, really mad.

It's time for a revenge, but this time in our way.
See you pretty soon on the battlefield.

Best regards,

The two faced French CP [BucephalusIII]


BucephalusIII Tag 1,787, 18:17

The two faced French CP [BucephalusIII]

Boyan Tag 1,787, 18:20

lol they will get what they asked for, if not by u then by their former allies if u know what i mean ; )

MKD Foreverrr
MKD Foreverrr Tag 1,787, 18:22

Овај вистина не и пиел апојте редовно..

Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Tag 1,787, 18:24

Fail Alex.. Shame for France.. lost my respect towards that country...

Nick Slaughter MK
Nick Slaughter MK Tag 1,787, 18:37

Па заради тие копиљаците и нашата наивност ја смрдевме работата со полска и шпанија. Имаше и други работи, ама и французиве имаа удел.

п.с. ги пишам сите со мали букви, толку заслужиле

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Tag 1,787, 18:39

Can't be mad, the fox is too cute.

Saskobt Tag 1,787, 18:46

Se vo svoe vreme,ke dojde redot i na niv....

Sir Launcelot
Sir Launcelot Tag 1,787, 19:44

Retard Kid !~

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Tag 1,787, 19:51

French CP caught red-handed, smoking gun...


Avalokitesvara Tag 1,787, 19:53

I feel ashamed because i play the same game like this kind of Janus faced so called peoples. If such a person can be elected as a highest representative of a nation, then there are very big problems, with humanity!
If french nation not impeach him immediatelly, then they are accomplice in this crime.
If this is the will of them, then they need to be eternally erased: this is the right punishment for loosing the honor!

Don Ori
Don Ori Tag 1,787, 20:50

Avalokitesvara x2
Shame for France. One thing is when you have bad players, but CP doing this and tricking people? : /

Darth Neo Skywalker
Darth Neo Skywalker Tag 1,787, 20:54

Not much to expect from them from now on.
But it's good to think that they'll be erased in no time.

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Tag 1,787, 21:15

bad bad CP... ccccc...

Boban Panovski
Boban Panovski Tag 1,787, 21:41

more za ovija francuzi samo t-rex e pa da vidiv

AlexSkopje Tag 1,787, 21:42

Is this the real face of Alex and Foxland ( the best MU )???

Fail Alex and Fail France!

Dashovski Tag 1,787, 21:49

What goes around comes around cowards. You can't run from your destiny.

Target and only priority from now on : France.

Jurukov Tag 1,787, 22:43

Pudlica od covek

AlphaMFPEFM_Z Tag 1,787, 22:43

The actions of one person does not reflect the personality of a nation, even if they voted for him. You can't know all what's in the head of the people you vote for 😉

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Tag 1,787, 22:59

I'm dissapointed Alex..

I guess u spent too much time with people like Nenya so u became same like them..

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Tag 1,787, 22:59

And glad to see EDEN channels are still protected from leaking...

adit 99
adit 99 Tag 1,787, 23:06

Another Reason to Quitting this Game 😛

Krvnikot Tag 1,787, 23:29

Oduvek bile pizdi.

BlackMK Tag 1,787, 23:31

France may be Gang banged due to his stupidity and two face playing

See ya o/

El Che G
El Che G Tag 1,788, 06:27

that's not France,that's only one person..their CP
sname on HIM

Ghost of Styx
Ghost of Styx Tag 1,788, 06:33

that's not France,that's only one person..their CP
sname on HIM +1

AronMacedon Tag 1,788, 06:36

deceitfull sob,shame for france that actually trusted such crooked and rotten individual

Gyurak Tag 1,788, 06:39

oboj Tag 1,788, 06:41

We also have this kind of screenshots with a lot of crap pretending to be real.
Put the full picture.

khantervel Tag 1,788, 06:43

Pu*sy and a shame for the french nation : )

From Green Sky
From Green Sky Tag 1,788, 06:45

smekerot Tag 1,788, 06:47


Your turn to choose France. See you in Congress or on the battlefield!!!

DarkoDimovski1 Tag 1,788, 06:58


rems2a Tag 1,788, 07:03

Lol the CP does represent the country

So who does ?

kokan p
kokan p Tag 1,788, 07:06

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Tag 1,788, 07:08

He likes giving his ars to US : )

dimzaaa Tag 1,788, 07:08

@Dumb Emma - your nick fits you perfectly

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Tag 1,788, 07:08

hahahaha stupid man

mwcerberus Tag 1,788, 07:11

wow france... again

galenaandrea Tag 1,788, 07:14

Oops, France did it again : D

Maya_The_Bee Tag 1,788, 07:24

тоа на своите не можеш да им веруваш, а не па на тие од другата страна...
не знам што ве изненадило тука : )

Snugz Tag 1,788, 07:29


Inwegen Tag 1,788, 07:30

It's like how he says the french aren't actively attempting to PTO us. Yes, two-faced is a great description of the french as a whole.

stoxi Tag 1,788, 07:31

hah France will get deleted again.Keep doing the croats whor*sh tricks and you'll end up somewhere in Asia....

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,788, 07:35

Many countries have broken treaties or their word and even left alliances...but nobody has done this more than the French. I look forward to your revenge \o/

Tusheng Tag 1,788, 07:41

lol french toast always be a french toast

D I K T A T O R Tag 1,788, 07:55

Go izvrega covekot!!! Unsub 😛

Ban Josip Jelacic II
Ban Josip Jelacic II Tag 1,788, 07:55

Photoshop : P

Crawlerz Tag 1,788, 08:03

"that's not France,that's only one person..their CP
sname on HIM" - Maybe look like it is, but he fu*cked up our country. So...

Because of HIM, suffered Macedonia, because of HIM will suffer France. Eye for an eye.

The Best 89
The Best 89 Tag 1,788, 08:26

The actions of the french CP may not reflect what the people thought, but the people of france will PAY for the "mistake" of their CP.

PS. I feel bad for the french people because they managed to piss us of, even though it was their CP's fault.

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