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The Last Week... a Review

Tag 1,907, 11:38 Veröffentlicht in Canada Portugal von ragalanow jadon

A review.

Well for anyone who has been following the last few days in eCanadian politics they are either laughing hysterically, scratching their heads in confusion, or both.
I followed the twisting turning events from the start and have decided I would write this summary for those who would like to know what exactly happened.

The start of a landslide:

To start the series of unfortunate events Rylde has that nagging, cant-be-ignored itch to go check a parties shout box. So he leaves MDP and gets disqualified from the CP election coming up. Kinda goes awol except for a few morose comments here and there.

Colonel Sanders appears:

A player by the name of colonel sanders rises from nowhere with a platform to become CP, first clanwolf then IPC choose to support him. This is met with many WTF’s due to the fact that he is a relatively inexperienced looking player and changes what he plans on doing as CP THREE times. IPC and clanwolf get bombarded with criticism try vainly to defend there choice.

Rolo declares YOLO and Sanders sheds his mask:

In a turn of events that everyone should have seen coming Rolo puts up a CP Campaign based on a shout from an unsuspecting player who stated: we should all just vote Rolo cuse, you know, YOLO. I do not believe he new what he had started.

So Rolo was running for CP and a rumor had begun to circulate that Venoms and colonel sanders were one and the same. This rumor quickly burst into full life and venoms admitted to it (but not colonel sanders as far as I know) causing another shower of criticism to fall onto the parties that supported him, along with a steady rise of support for Yolo as an actual possibility to win the CP elections.

A day of media madness:

Then Rylde quit in an Announcement to the media. It was to the shock of many and and only served to add to the already confused and exasperated atmosphere.
Next on the eve of the elections to add to an already chaotic media I decided to write an article about bond for CP. My intentions were to split the vote even more so that hopefully absolutely no one could predict who would win. I used less then honorable techniques to get it into the top five, and at first it seemed to work. Bond led the elections for about an hour. (I hade a pic of bond at 100% vote percentile but left it on someone else’s computer ) it caught Rolo’s attention who then asked me how one went about using undesirable means to get an article to the top 5. I told him and Rolo for CP appeared next to bond.

The aftermath and my idiocy:

The next day was fairly quiet compared to the previous, other then the leftover media madness that for the most part consisted of everyone accusing everyone to be everyone’s multi and a couple articles directed at Rylde.
then I made the big mistake (for a second time) of thinking I could single handedly rally eCanada to take back alberta. There was gold buying, vote buying, spamming, ordering and begging on my part that morning and at first it actually seemed to be working. The score went eCan 17 Spain 19 in Spanish prime time then dipped for a bit to I think around 19- 29 before we hit our prime time. In this span I spent nearly 50 gold and tried to rally as many people to fight as possible.
Anyhow it ended up being closer then any of the recent RW’s, going 56 to 83 but when eCanada went to bed around 10 not a single point was gained blowing our
56-29 point lead.

Putting aside that sad time of my life the next biggest event to come around was the perma ban of mr. sanders. Venoms warned us of this happening but we voted him in anyways and now an impeachment is on it’s way through, putting Rolo next in line for the throne.
And that pretty much sums it up! If I’m missing any juicy details let me know in the comment and I’ll add it to the article, lol.

*and the impeachment has officially been passed. Rolo now wears the golden crown.



Mann551 Tag 1,907, 11:42

Colonel Sanders is now officially impeached, Rolo is now officially CP

Foxfire Tag 1,907, 11:43

Soap operas can't compete with this game.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,907, 11:50

I don't think your article changed anyone's mind.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Tag 1,907, 12:01

changed there minds from? lol just recording the madness of.. oh do you mean the bond one?

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Tag 1,907, 12:04

Not even a week in review. It's half a week. Basically Tuesday night til now.



Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,907, 12:18

The Bond one, yeah.


ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Tag 1,907, 12:21

ty and ya that was just for laughs

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Tag 1,907, 12:40

Soap operas can't compete with this game.


Plugson Tag 1,907, 20:06

"Colonel Sanders appears:
A player by the name of colonel sanders rises from nowhere with a platform to become CP, first clanwolf then IPC choose to support him."

Chronologically speaking, shouldn't this part come before Rylde losing the nomination.

William Steele
William Steele Tag 1,907, 21:25

Good update for anyone not paying attention.

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