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The DO Mercenaries are recruiting!

Tag 1,782, 13:03 Veröffentlicht in South Africa Republik Mazedonien (EJRM) von Uber kiko

Hi Saffers, Kiko here.

I founded this MU yesterday, it's called The DO Mercenaries.

It's a MU where we set the DO for a different country every day so that you can get the Mercenary Medal faster and easier!

This is the MU's logo:

Isn't the logo beautiful? Watan Tanka made it. (Thanks a lot bud!) If you want a logo/avatar you can contact him. He knows what he's doing 😃

We don't supply, if you want supplies, you can join any other MU in eSA or a branch of eSAAF!

We currently don't have an IRC channel, but if this goes big we probably will.

You're free to work where you want, you can wear any avatar that you'd like to and you're free to join any political party! (This is a Civil MU, if you'd like to call it that way)

BTW If you didn't notice, you can vote for a captain of your MU's regiment every 15th of every month.

Thank you for your attention!



Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,782, 13:04

The DO Mercenaries are recruiting! [Kiko]

Please vote and shout!

Arfan-Khan Tag 1,782, 13:41


LiquidIce Tag 1,782, 13:48

Hey, making logos used to be my job... Voted.

kuckuck Tag 1,782, 14:35


Rexdeus Tag 1,782, 14:50

love the logo!!

Ejdatful Tag 1,782, 16:49

1 member is enough for this mu. Good work lol.

Badger06 Tag 1,783, 01:34


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,783, 07:02

@Ejdatful GTFO -.-

I may be the only one in eSA who wants the mercenary medal faster... Maybe there are more people like me in eSA, but they aren't really that much active..

Tariq TNT
Tariq TNT Tag 1,783, 07:39

Maybe there are more people like me in eSA, but they aren't really that much active..

like me

Tariq TNT
Tariq TNT Tag 1,783, 07:40

This is very interesting....if it only provided weapons...

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Tag 1,783, 08:52

Oh, strongest MU.

Rexdeus Tag 1,783, 09:24

We should know it is not about being the strongest or biggest MU, then none of us would be citizens of eSA, many countries bigger and stronger than eSA, if one is interested in only being the biggest and strongest. This MU has a goal, and it is not to be the biggest or the strongest, it is to assist players attain the merc medal.

I wish the DO Mercenaries well.

Don Vin
Don Vin Tag 1,783, 09:51

wat rex syd

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,783, 10:49


I never said it was the strongest. I said it helped it's members get the mercenary medal faster.

+1 Rex. Thanks for making that clear bud.

Ejdatful Tag 1,783, 14:50

Whom did you help? You can only help yourself by this daily orders 🙂 ah sorry you have 1 more member

AdUnit Tag 1,783, 15:31

Haters gonna hate.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,784, 05:39


We're not friends anymore, is it that hard to understand?

Anyways, to your question...

On first thought i created the MU to help myself with the mercenary medal, but then i figured that there could be people like me.. So i renamed the MU, got the guy to make me an avatar, wrote the article and AdUnit joined.

Skiet111 Tag 1,784, 06:14

Voted and Good luck Kiko!!!

Ejdatful Tag 1,784, 08:04

Come on BOY! Did I mention that we are still friends? or are you schizophrenic?

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,784, 09:16

Thanks Skiet!



And yet you didn't mention it here too.

Ejdatful Tag 1,784, 10:01

Is that you Vanessa? I get your reaction when I called you "boy", now. Good work.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Tag 1,784, 10:25

No, but i'm her son : P
And boy is racist.
And no, i'm not going to start an argument about boy again.

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