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The Australian-Chilean/Indonesian War

Tag 1,901, 06:48 Veröffentlicht in Australia Australien von Reximus
Greetings to All of My Readers,

Much has happened since my last article, and I want to start with this:

I couldn't have done it without you.

Senate Voting Record

That is right! I am in the Senate!
I do not have a specific region to report to, so I will update the whole of Australia about my voting decisions and records.

-Voted NO to Natural Enemy with eChile
-Voted NO to Natural Enemy with eIndonesia.

Both of these were proposed by a "Rogue Senator," but in reality, it was all fine, and he had the right to propose them as our Natural Enemies since they had done the same to us.

The War

Talk to three different people, and you will get three different responses to the question of the current Australian-Chilean/Indonesian War.

It appears that Chile and Indonesia, members of Circle of Trust have decided to break the Treaty that has governed the peace and return of Australian territories.

Although we have hoped the peace would last longer, it appears that Chile's interests as a Colonialist power cannot be sated. We all know that Argentina wanted to cause chaos when they created Resistance Wars.

As a Lt. Col. in the ADF, and Deputy Minister of Defence, I can tell you with full confidence that Australians were ordered to fight FOR CHILE! However, Chile decided to break the Treaty. Naturally Indonesia jumped in to grab our regions, so CoT practically declared war on us, which put the USA in a tough spot.

Their President has let down the Australian people. Their is no doubt abut that. When the going got tough... the Americans left. In order for them to stay in CoT, as possible Full-Members, they would need the votes of Chile and Indonesia. They chose a short-term alliance over a long-term Brotherhood.

Found you, America!

It is times like these that make me happy that I left the failing USA, and resigned as Ambassador to Australia. If I had stayed, I would have told you the bad news. As it is, it is time to kill some traitors.

Closing Thoughts

If you can offer me a good interview, if you are good at graphics and can make me a banner and paragraph breaks, if you can make me a signature, Reximus, or if you would like to officially endorse this newspaper, I would really appreciate it. Either way, please vote and subscribe.

American Author Mark Twain said:
The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession.
Are you a brother, or an enemy?

Press Director, Diplomatic Dialogue


Reximus Tag 1,901, 06:49

This is the best comment I have heard about the American betrayal:

"USA in eRepublik is just like USA IRL; great country that elects a lousy President."

Also... I guess that is FIRST DENIED!

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Tag 1,901, 06:56

Circle of Trust amuses me. It takes the word of known liars and thieves like ronell and preaches them as gospel.

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Tag 1,901, 07:00


Arfman Tag 1,901, 07:08

Voted bro

Majester Tag 1,901, 08:36

In fairness to Ronell, she only said what they were all eager to believe and what was good for Indonesia. Very little convincing took place in that convo.

You can fiddle with a signature at http://www.mylivesignature.com/
All the cool kids are using it*
*and bloggers - which drags it down perhaps, but perhaps its awesome becase it cool despite bloggers?

Reximus Tag 1,901, 09:34

Wow, thanks for that link, Majester. We are now updated, with my signature at the bottom.

You can look forward to that in my next article.


vcolonels Tag 1,901, 10:26

If I am rogue senator, you're traitor.

Reximus Tag 1,901, 10:45

Both of these were proposed by a "Rogue Senator," but in reality, it was all fine, and he had the right to propose them as our Natural Enemies since they had done the same to us.

I was trying to defend you.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Tag 1,901, 18:59

Vcolonels. Don't throw them words around. You're a noob senator who just jumped the fun without going through the proper way or getting advice from your fellow party.
This makes you a rogue.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Tag 1,901, 18:59


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Tag 1,901, 20:14

A Deputy Minister of Defence coming out in the press calling a long-term, major ally, a 'traitor'??

A disgrace to our country.

Reximus Tag 1,901, 20:25

Did they not betray us, Mick?

They turned their back on us when we needed them.
They refused to hold up their end of the agreement.

We are now left to be on our own, and the USA has decided to pay more attention to CoT than their friends.

Remember, I was a former eAmerican, and, as such, I am exceptionally disappointed by the conduct of PotUS fingerguns.

venja Tag 1,901, 21:03

TJ still not aware the yanks sacked him and he is still trying to suck up in a vain attempt to get his job back

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,902, 02:51

It won't happen of course

pacifyer Tag 1,902, 07:31

That is what happens when you sleep with the enemy...
And swap sides like you Ozzies did in the last few months... doing their game, instead of finding your own.
Guys, do learn to play this game ASAP!

BOUD1CCA Tag 1,902, 22:23

Some truth in what you say pacifyer

Icetek Tag 1,903, 23:10


James Buffet
James Buffet Tag 1,903, 05:06

What I dont understand is why you morons trusted eChil to begin with. I have been saying for months we can't when by bowing down to them. Now arm up and lets fight back against eChil and those 5 kids that live in eIndo that can afford a computer and have made infinate multis

bin Titan
bin Titan Tag 1,913, 10:28


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