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Swedish Skype Elite is recruiting soldiers!

Tag 1,825, 03:23 Veröffentlicht in Sweden Schweden von Slapface
Swedish Skype Elite is looking for more soldiers! So we can fight together...
Outgunned... Outnumbered... Out of our minds. On a suicide mission.

Interested in joining?
*Basically we are doing something new and different, an unit communcating on Skype gives us the firepower where we actually needs it.
*Swedish Skype Elite is still an accepted military unit by The Swedish Military this means that you get paid for participating in certain battles if we get order from The Swedish Military HQ.

Join Swedish Skype Elite today and be one of the few lucky citizens to carry this new bad ass frame around your avatar!

Speciell thanks to pajce for taking time out of his "busy" day to make this piece of art

If you think your up for the challenge, don't hesitate just click the link below and fill out the application form to join.
Apply here



JeguljaM Tag 1,825, 03:59

Det e ju copypasta från min tidning : D

Slapface Tag 1,825, 04:20

Jag vet : D men har allt gjort några ändringar X D min första artikel försvann när firefox stopt working : s

Slapface Tag 1,825, 04:20

besides dina artiklar var alltid KING

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Tag 1,825, 08:04

Voted snyggt jobbat alfons jag menar slapface 😉

zzzingo Tag 1,825, 09:51

Swedish Troll Elite?

Ormen Tag 1,825, 10:13

Svea Rikes Telefon & Kommunikationsmedel-elitister.

Knodden Tag 1,825, 10:31

Det skall du ha cred för. Du skriver bra artiklar trots allt. Fint Haschberg!

Izzeee Tag 1,825, 10:43

Joina MU som stöder TSM för mer skada +v.

Krikon10 Tag 1,825, 10:55

zzzingo, lika mogen som vanligt, stick bara härifrån tack

C.Nilsson Tag 1,825, 11:02

jävlar, SSE profilbilderna blir bara hetare o hetare med tiden. Stay out of trouble bro=)

Veritatem Tag 1,827, 01:58

V 😃

d 23
d 23 Tag 1,843, 10:47

Media Mogul Medal Project 5
SUB for SUB...

Vilar47 Tag 1,844, 07:58

Is it for foreigners as well?

prostokreten Tag 1,854, 08:03


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