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Spoilers! Read at your own risk ;)

Tag 1,948, 04:07 Veröffentlicht in United Kingdom Großbritannien von Geoffery Openshaw

I guess the reason I am doing this is so I can tie myself into actually writing the articles and not be all lackadaisical about it.

If you don't wish to know what is coming up then don't read, but if you are curious to see what I have in store for you over the coming weeks and months feel free to read and leave comments if you have any suggestions.

The dates signify the weeks in wish the articles will be published, most likely to be the middle or toward the end of that week, depending how busy I am with RL.

List of Articles.

25/3 - In at the Deep End. - Review of Fragile by Yes.
1/4 - A New Kind of Anthem. - Review of 2112 by Rush.
8/4 - Starcrossed Vengeance. - Review of In Keeping Secrets.. by Coheed & Cambria.
15/4 - Poker, I 'ardly know 'er. - Review of Turn of a Friendly Card by Alan Parsons Project.
6/5 - Capes, Capes Everywhere. - A look at the career of Rick Wakeman and some of his more flamboyant outfits.
13/5 - Something Borrowed, Something New. - Review of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater.
20/5 - All Over the Place. - Review of H to He (Who am the Only One) by Van der Graff Generator.
27/5 - Melancholy Inc. - Review of The Queen is Dead by The Smiths.
3/6 - Expanding Horizons. - Review of The Black Chord by Astra.

Hope you all stick around and enjoy!


ViciousDeeds Tag 1,948, 04:14

looking forward to them v+s o7

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,948, 04:16

That's an ambitious set of targets...naked chicks would encourage breaks in paragraphs so it isnt just a wall of text...naked chicks would also encourage better concentration and keep the readers concentration.

..just sayin

ViciousDeeds Tag 1,948, 04:35

what did you say hugh?? all i heard was blah blah blah naked chicks blah blah blah naked chicks 😛

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Tag 1,948, 04:38

I think Geoffrey was on about naked chicks and i got distracted

ViciousDeeds Tag 1,948, 04:42

naked chicks... where?

Geoffery Openshaw
Geoffery Openshaw Tag 1,948, 05:08

My paragraphs are broken down just fine thank you very much 😉 and as for the naked chicks I don't think I can get away with using naughty images, no matter the context 😉

WayneKerr Tag 1,948, 07:29

paint brush out the nipples, you'll be fine

Geoffery Openshaw
Geoffery Openshaw Tag 1,948, 08:11

Or I could just cover the naughty bits in bacon, but somehow I think that would make it more pornographic than if they were just naked...

Boklevski Tag 1,949, 02:31

Naughty? If an author wants to add naked chicks, that should be considered a form of artistic expression and/or free journalism. We all have the right of freedom of speech!

... oh wait, in eRep we don't...

Still, just add the naked chicks...

Twycross Tag 1,948, 04:49

Looking forward to reading the coming articles, voted (Already Subbed) 😉

iezavel Tag 1,948, 05:01

vot+sub 07

NonDairyTea Tag 1,948, 05:11

The Smiths 😃

Bardokva Tag 1,948, 05:36

Voted! 07

Jimbojoy Tag 1,949, 12:12

Good luck, I'll be following it carefully : D

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Tag 1,949, 17:12

Gotta love Rush

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