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So what is the Department of Defence?

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Welcome Comrades! This is the first official report from the Department of Defence (and hopefully not the last!) for this term of November in the Prime Minister Ranger government.

What is Defence?

Defence is all about working with Foreign Affairs to secure our country against enemy forces. Ranger made it clear in his campaign that Defence will work closely with Foreign Affairs as the two are mutually linked. So it is the aim of the DoD to co-ordinate the Australian Military, both private (MU’s) and public (the ADF) to where we need them, to secure our nation, assist our allies and do what’s best for eAustralia.

Where is Defence at?

Good question. At the present time, we are still occupied by eChile, but we managed to secure 1 region, being Tasmania, from eChile in their efforts to NE on us. In this gap, we have managed to successfully place New Zealand as NE and are now fulfilling our own NE needs. We are working with Foreign Affairs also, to assist our strategic allies in their battles to ensure we meet our international obligations.

Where is Defence going?

Defence is always changing, but the ultimate goal for this term is to see a marked rise in active eAustralians willing to hit the battle ground in force and show that we won’t bow down to Chilean oppressors, proving to the world we may be small, but it’s not about size, but how you use it! The DoD is in the process of outlining an agenda to see through, leading to some clear and concise reforms for the ADF, DoD and the national armed forces. This includes recruitment drives and awareness campaigns to ensure ALL eAustralia is getting to where we need to be at. Of course, we would LOVE to see our regions returned, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so these things take time. But mark my words, we are working on it and we sure as hell won’t stop!

Who is Defence?

Minister of Defence

(the holder of the big stick: often sits behind the big desk giving the big orders)

Intern of Defence

Greg MaCGregor
(the holder of a smaller stick: often stands by the water cooler trying to molest colleagues)

Intern of Defence

(the holder of the smaller yet stick: in-charge of bathroom maintenance and coffee duty)

Intern of Defence

(the holder of the smallest stick: in charge of keeping my shoes clean)


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Tag 1,815, 01:55


Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Tag 1,815, 02:01

Nice work comrade!

Alex Zvezdev
Alex Zvezdev Tag 1,815, 02:17

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v.I.v Tag 1,815, 04:06

Grab a gun! Wtf you do with a stick?
Don't even think!!!!

AusOrac Tag 1,816, 00:55

And here I was, thinking that DoD was here to serve me.... 🙁


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